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Great Indian Talent Will Build The Best Future Of AI

In a notable departure from budget debates, India is poised to become a prominent hub for artificial intelligence (AI) developers. Leading IT companies, Microsoft and Google, are poised to go on AI tours in India, emphasising the nation’s capacity to define the future of AI.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, is slated to visit Bengaluru and Mumbai on the 7th and 8th of this month. During his tour, Nadella will give speeches about “opportunities with AI” and meet with IT sector leaders in both locations. This visit demonstrates Microsoft’s understanding of India’s critical role in the AI revolution.

Google’s Jeff Dean in Bangalore

Simultaneously, Google’s chief scientist, Jeff Dean, is scheduled to visit Bangalore. Dean will discuss AI’s next frontier and connect with engineers and start-ups, emphasising Google’s strong interest in India’s AI potential.

The selection of India as the main point for these high-profile visits is not a coincidence. Silicon Valley is increasingly looking to India to fuel the rise of artificial intelligence. Over the years, Indian computer engineers and data scientists have received global recognition for their expertise.

Microsoft and Google, two industry titans at the forefront of AI development, are led by Indian-origin technologists turned CEOs, Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai, respectively. Their rise to the top ranks represents not only individual achievement but also a wider recognition of India’s technological superiority.

India’s vast stock of AI talent

According to NASSCOM, India’s technology industry trade association, there are currently 5 million programmers in the country, with almost half of them specialising in AI and data science. Silicon Valley sees India’s promise, with Microsoft’s Puneet Chandok stating that “every sixth AI researcher, AI builder, and AI developer is coming from India.”

According to Ahmed Mazhari, president of Microsoft Asia, one out of every four AI projects on GitHub, Microsoft’s developer platform, originates in India. This statistic emphasises India’s role as a key supplier of AI talent and innovation.

Mazhari estimates that by 2026, India will have surpassed the United States in AI development. He went on to say, “India is very uniquely positioned to enable the adoption of AI at scale at home and in international markets.” India’s developers are anticipated to top the AI race globally.

Microsoft and Google’s visits are only the beginning. Microsoft has proposed a training initiative that would turn 100,000 Indian coders into AI specialists. Indian companies such as Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services have also started AI training to educate their employees with AI expertise.

India’s Contribution to Global Growth

According to Puneet Chandok of Microsoft, India’s influence extends beyond its boundaries, accounting for around 16% of the incremental global GDP. This gives India the opportunity to lead not only in AI but also in driving global economic growth.

Recognising AI’s potential, the Indian government has announced a $12 billion fund to incentivize long-term technological growth. This effort seeks to provide adolescents with long-term, low-interest funding, including up to 50-year interest-free loans.

As India emerges as a hotspot for AI development, the tech industry’s belief in its promise is obvious. With Microsoft and Google actively investing in AI talent, combined with government initiatives and Indian developers’ expertise, the future of AI appears to be distinctly Indian. As the world’s attention shifts to India, the country is poised to determine the future of AI for years to come.

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