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World’s First Powerful Hybrid GenAI Platform To Be “ASK QX”

ASK QX, designed by Indian-origin entrepreneurs for India, is the world’s first hybrid generative AI platform, as well as the first to include a node-based architecture. The Indian Generative AI web platform and app are fully functional, multilingual, and accessible for download at launch.

QX Lab AI, a pioneering Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) firm, has launched Ask QX, the world’s first hybrid generative AI platform aimed at making AI more accessible to the Indian public. Ask QX, the first to use a node-based design, is available in more than 100 languages, 12 of which are Indian. It is a one-stop shop that intends to enable Indians across the country and abroad to easily interact with GenAI on a daily basis in their favourite language.

The web platform and app are available in 12 Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, and Assamese. Aside from English, Ask QX is available in Arabic, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Sinhala, among many other worldwide languages. This demonstrates QX Lab AI’s forward-thinking perspective and in-depth awareness of India’s unique language tapestry and neighbouring markets such as the Middle East and Sri Lanka. QX Lab AI is the first to provide a full GenAI platform to Bharat, with text and voice formats available immediately and image and video functionalities coming in the first quarter of 2024.

Ask QX is India’s counterpart to Large Language Models, which are currently only available to native English-speaking users. It includes neurologically trained algorithms in over 100 languages and is based on a hybrid model that combines 30% Large Language Model (LLM) and 70% Neural Network Architecture, creating a new standard for language understanding and user interaction. The platform’s capabilities cater to a wide range of user needs, including neural-based services, and will gradually include all features such as Text to Image, Text to Code, and Text to Video for Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), and Business to Institution (B2I) cohorts, with use cases in a variety of industries such as healthcare, education, and legal services.

Ask QX has a variety of subscription options geared towards different audience categories. The B2C commercial edition, which includes the cutting-edge neural network-based version, will be competitively priced and substantially less expensive than other platforms available, and the free version will provide access to the Ask QX Gen AI neural engine.   Ask QX’s innovative neural design allows for unprecedented product scalability. This infrastructure not only lowers overall computing power costs, but it also improves platform security, providing a safeguard against future data breaches. QX Lab AI has trained 372 billion parameters, which equals almost 6 trillion tokens.

Highlighting In recognition of QX’s pioneering role in the India ecosystem, prominent data centre company Yotta Infrastructure Solutions LLP inked a Memorandum of Understanding with QX Lab AI for an India infrastructure cooperation. This move demonstrates QX Lab AI’s dedication to advancing AI technology and infrastructure globally. Yotta Infrastructure is on track to meet a technological procurement milestone, with orders for Nvidia AI chips expected to total $1 billion.

Tathagat Prakash, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, QX Lab AI, emphasised the importance of technology, stating that “Ask QX is the world’s first Gen AI platform to access and leverage an astounding neural network architecture along with advanced security measures and stringent compliance protocols.” The unique node-based architecture and data residence in India not only improve security but also make operations more cost-effective, demonstrating our commitment to providing subscription models adapted to different customer segments. The B2C commercial edition, which features the cutting-edge neural network-based version, is reasonably priced and substantially less than other platforms available, while the free version provides access to the Ask QX Gen AI neural engine.”

At the Dubai launch event, musical maestro A.R. Rahman also announced his Meta Humans project, which is a worldwide musical band made up of six dynamic synthetic musicians who represent people and cultures all around the world. A.R. Rahman, a Grammy, Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe-winning music composer, will offer content and artistic direction for the band, whose members will be represented by Synthetic Avatars. They will combine the real and virtual worlds with cutting-edge technologies like visual effects and motion capture. It strives to connect cultures and eliminate limits and divisions, supporting mankind as a whole. This project is backed by the HBAR Foundation, a major web3 ecosystem fund, as well as other technological partners to be revealed shortly.

QX Lab AI already has a clear plan in place to deliver two new, unique video and image solutions. These products will use deep learning algorithms to automatically analyse and interpret data, yielding correct responses in microseconds. This will allow organisations, creator communities, and individuals to unleash the power of GenAI, making them more nimble and productive. Ask QX is now accessible in India and may be accessed via a number of platforms, including web and mobile applications on the Play Store. The iOS version will be available soon on the App Store.

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