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Here are some awesome Vaseline hacks that you now need to know.

Vaseline is a product that has been available since 1870 and can be purchased at all of the big-box retailers, including CVS, Walmart, and Dollar Tree.

With good cause, this Unilever product, which is based on petroleum jelly, goes under the tagline “The Healing Power of Vaseline.”Vaseline is a bit of a jack of all trades, and there are dozens of uses for the stuff on this list, most of which you’ve probably never heard of.

You will definitely want to get over to your local store after reading this and buy up a $1.79 container of this amazing moisturizer.

1. Apply highlighter with vaseline.

Two of the biggest fashion icons of the moment, Zendaya and Kim Kardashian, have both been known to use Vaseline as highlighters.

With a touch of Vaseline, you can get the same result without spending $20 or more on pricey cosmetics.Apply Vaseline to the bridge of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones, or any other area you wish to reflect light.

Vaseline will give your skin a radiant, fresh sheen as the jelly hydrates it.

2. Take off your zipper.

This is not just a collection of beauty and health tips; there are other useful uses for Vaseline. Do not worry if the zipper of your new Target jacket is stuck; Vaseline will solve the problem.

3. Make Your Feet Softer

There is no judgment here; everyone occasionally needs a little assistance with their feet. Don’t worry if your feet aren’t smooth and soft—Vaseline will work wonders. You don’t have to go to Ulta to purchase the newest and priciest supplies and tools for at-home pedicures.

4. Create a look of distressed paint.

These days, distressed furniture is fashionable, but achieving that look with just Sherwin-Williams paint can be challenging. Fortunately, Vaseline protects areas of unpainted furniture and makes it simple to get the distressed look.

5. Mascara Can Be Replaced With Vaseline

Vaseline and clean mascara brushes (you can pick up a pack at Walmart for $4) are all you need for this trick. If your lashes are already dark, Vaseline might provide the same results as mascara.

6. Create the Greatest Lotion Ever:

The total cost to produce this lotion is only $15–$20. Not only can large stores provide everything you need, but Amazon is a great place to start. You won’t want to use another lotion after making this Winter Warriors recipe.

7. Extending the Life of Your Fragrance

Use Vaseline to extend the wear of your perfume, regardless of how much it costs. Applying Vaseline to your pulse points prior to applying perfume will intensify its aroma.

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