High Heels At Work: A Big No At Work Professionally.

The question of whether it is professional or appropriate is worth weighing.

Clicking heels might be empowering, but most of the time, excessively loud clicking heels can be annoying for the wearer and bystanders alike. You do not want to be “that person” interrupting a moment of serene quiet with the obnoxious click-click-clicking of overly noisy heels.

If you have tiled ceramic floors or wooden ones, there will be an inescapable clickety-clack, inevitable if you walk around a lot.

There are several reasons why you need your heels to be less noisy. For example, you may not want to divert your colleagues if you work in a quiet professional environment. The same reason applies when you work at a recording studio or on a film set, where silence is of the utmost importance. Heels that click on wooden floors or tiles can be sexy but can be distracting; simultaneously wearing them at tranquil offices or a typically quiet location like a library, doctor’s office, or hospital can wave a red flag “look at me.”

On the other hand, in an active office with high din levels, you will not even notice. So, listen and decide.

So, if it is a peaceful office with hard floors, take a pair of ballet pumps to change into when you must dash about. If there are carpets, you do not need to worry. Also, your feet might not love you at the end of the day if you dash back and forth in heels.

Try a couple of different footwear to see which size of heels fits you comfortably. Oversized heels can amplify the pitter-patter noise because instead of lifting your legs, you turn to drag them. Before you order another shoe online, ensure you are selecting the correct size.

Wedges can look dapper if it is about counting height and is more acceptable for you because they add support. However, if it is more about the neat, sleek profile of the heel than the height, go with a kitten heel, as they are considerably less loud.

“I love to wear high heels when I go into the office. I must admit that I get a feeling of power when I walk down a hallway, knowing that I will turn every man’s head when they hear the knock of my heels. My legs encased in nylon perched high in my heels will keep them looking until I am out of sight,” claims Ms. Shah from Sunset Blvd.

Post-pandemic, in 2023, the risen consciousness encourages you to think about your environment. Be respectful to your surroundings and colleagues, and embrace peace. For example, wearing deafening heels at the workplace illustrates a form of “power dressing” and an attempt at assertiveness, like wearing shoulder pads in the 80s. It is time to decline it, as it cannot be charming.

Using heel caps, foot foam, or gel cushions can make a massive difference in the clangor you will make while walking and absorb shock and impact. Visit a cobbler to replace/put on rubber tips or heels, and you should be noise free.

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