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Important: Here’s What You Need to Know About Heat Waves in India.

India’s heatwave: According to the IMD, the heatwave will probably continue across West Rajasthan on May 9 and 10, following which it will probably end.

India’s heatwave: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasted that the heatwave would wane before resurfacing in some areas of the nation.

It is anticipated that the heatwave will continue in Rajasthan until May 10 before ending. According to the IMD, the heatwave condition is expected to persist over West Rajasthan on May 9 and 10, following which it is expected to abate. In some areas of West Rajasthan, heatwave conditions have persisted for the past 24 hours, with maximum temperatures surpassing 45 degrees Celsius.The highest recorded temperature was 45.9 degrees Celsius, recorded in Barmer, Rajasthan.

India’s Heatwave: The Next Five Days’ Prognosis According to the weather service, maximum temperatures in Northwest India will remain rather stable for the next two days before declining by two to three degrees Celsius.

Over the course of the next day, Central India’s maximum temperatures are predicted to decrease by 2-3 degrees Celsius, followed by an increase of 2-4 degrees Celsius.It’s unlikely that the maximum temperature will vary significantly over the rest of the nation.

Over the course of the last 24 hours, temperatures have ranged from 40 to 43 degrees Celsius in many areas of Madhya Pradesh, some interior parts of Gujarat, north Madhya Maharashtra, and isolated pockets of Punjab, South Haryana, interior Tamil Nadu, north interior Karnataka, Marathwada, and Vidarbha. The highest temperatures recorded over the past 24 hours have been in the range of 43 to 46 degrees Celsius in many parts of West Rajasthan and in isolated parts of East Rajasthan.

Above Rajasthan, these temperatures were over average by 2-4 degrees Celsius, and above 1-2 degrees Celsius over the remaining regions stated above.On May 9, Kerala is also predicted to experience hot conditions.

Across the course of the next five days, isolated pockets of hot and muggy weather are anticipated to prevail across Gujarat’s coastal regions.

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