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US Is The Most Popular Study Abroad Destination For Indian Students.

The US school system is desirable because it offers optional practical training.

When it comes to higher education abroad, the United States has become the top choice for Indian students.

Because of its colleges, diverse culture, and abundance of academic opportunities, the majority of Indian students choose to pursue their education abroad in the United States. In 2022-2023, Indian enrolment in US universities increased by 35% over the previous academic year.

With nearly 200 US universities ranked in the top 1500 worldwide by QS World University Rankings, the United States of America is a symbol of intellectual brilliance and provides chances for foreign students to pursue education and employment.

Indian students have always been in great demand for Master’s and MBA programs from American universities, making them the largest international student body currently enrolled in American universities, according to Sachin Jain, Country Manager, India & South Asia, ETS.The provision of Optional Practical Training (OPT) is another appealing aspect of the American educational system.

OPT refers to temporary work that is directly associated with the major field of study of an F-1 student. Before finishing their academic program (pre-completion) or after (post-completion), qualified students may request to be granted up to 12-month OPT work permission.International students can obtain one to three years of practical experience in their field of study through Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Since the TOEFL and GRE are so widely accepted, we at ETS firmly believe that American education can change lives and lead to worldwide careers. For Indian students hoping to apply to American universities, tests like these serve as reliable bridges.Most international students continue to prioritize studying in the US.

Manisha Zaveri, Co-Managing Director, Professional Development “The conclusions offered in Oxford International’s most recent report are praiseworthy. The United States continues to be a top choice for students looking for a top-notch education and a variety of opportunities, despite changes in the world.Indian students from all around the nation are increasingly opting to study in the United States.

This trend is further supported by Career Mosaic’s data and experience, which show a notable 161% increase in graduate applications from North and West India and a noteworthy 165% increase in undergraduate applications from 2022 to 2024.

These figures show how American universities continue to be popular and significant in influencing students’ educational paths and worldviews.

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