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Indian-born Australians earn higher income than general population, revels report

Australian authorities tabled first-of-its-kind report, titled “Australia’s Indian Diaspora: A National Asset – Mapping the Community’s Reach into the Australia-India Economic Relationship”.

It aims to develop a better understanding of the Indian diaspora’s reach and influence into the Australia-India economic relationship.

This intensive study gives a vivid insight into the over 721,000-strong community, the second-largest group of overseas-born residents in Australia.

The report said Indians are Australia’s second-largest tax-paying diaspora. Indian-born population in Australia is on average younger, it said.

The group has higher educational attainment and earns a greater income than the general population.

A threadbare analysis has been provided to unlock how new business opportunities, develop networks of diaspora talent.

Besides, measures are discussed to find ways on how government-led bilateral trade and investment initiatives can be promoted across diaspora business networks.

Another thrust area is to spot business champions who can be supported to provide advice on successful models of operating in the Indian market.

The key findings reflect that the geographic distribution of the Indian diaspora broadly reflects Australian demographics, with around 70 per cent located in Victoria and New South Wales. The Indian diaspora is well represented in the Australian business community.

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