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Indian-born player will compete in the remarkable WJB Championship

Tanvee Vallem, an Indian-born nine-year-old from Hyderabad who now calls Bethesda, Maryland, home, is poised to make her imprint on the world stage. At the famous Predator WPA World 10-Ball Junior Championship, which will take place in Austria from October 19–22, this young prodigy will represent India. This event is known for its difficult 10-ball format and is hosted in Klagenfurt. The recent trend of switching from 9-ball to 10-ball is enthusiastically embraced by players and spectators alike. Her participation in the Austrian competition is a source of great pride for her family, Indian pool players, and the larger worldwide diaspora.

Not only is the young prodigy’s participation in such a famous competition a personal accomplishment, but it also marks an important turning point for India. It highlights the nation’s rising stature in sports outside of hockey and cricket. Tanvee’s path serves as an example for ambitious sportsmen all around the nation and is proof that India has the ability to develop top talent in unconventional sports as well.

Tanvee is not a rookie in the world of pool. She just made history by participating in the Predator World Junior 9 Ball Championship in Puerto Rico as the youngest player ever. She accepted an invitation to represent India from the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) and the Billiards and Snooker Federation of India (BSFI). She is a force to be reckoned with on the international stage because of her remarkable abilities and commitment. She made history in October 2022 when she competed in her first international competition, the SVB Junior Open, which was put on by Matchroom Pool for players under the age of 17. She had placed 33rd together.

Tanvee’s father claims that she became interested in the game at the beginning of last year after he purchased a pool table for his own enjoyment. Tanvee Vallem’s adventure could usher in a new era in Indian pool history as she gets ready to compete on the international level. Her success can encourage more young athletes to take up the game, strengthening India’s position on the world billiards stage. We can only imagine the great impact Tanvee’s involvement in the World Junior Billiards Championship will have on young athletes in India and beyond as we look to the future.

Current world champions will defend their titles at the competition, including Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz, the men’s world 8-ball champion, and Chou, the women’s world 10-ball champion. Alok Kumar, Chitra, Ranveer Duggal, and Laksh Sharma, four more prominent Indians, are also invited to compete in their respective divisions.

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