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The magnificent and largest Hindu temple was built in New Jersey

The largest Hindu temple in the US, BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham, opened its doors on Sunday, October 8, in New Jersey.  The temple is believed to be the biggest Hindu temple outside of India in the modern era and is located in the New Jersey city of Robbinsville.

PM Narendra Modi stated in a letter to BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham, “It is an occasion of profound spiritual significance for the vast legion of devotees worldwide.” Public access to the temple will begin on October 18.

A magnificent accomplishment, the temple was built in the lovely New Jersey city of Robbinsville. It is currently the biggest Hindu temple outside of India. A message from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, acknowledging the profound spiritual importance of this historic occasion, was read at the grand ceremony.

Four different types of marble from Italy and limestone from Bulgaria were used to create the temple. According to the news agency Associated Press, these priceless materials set out on an incredible journey that took them from their beginnings to India and then across more than 8,000 miles of international terrain to arrive at their goal in New Jersey. After arriving on site, these finely carved pieces were put together like a massive jigsaw puzzle to produce this imposing Hindu temple.

According to the study, artisans and volunteers worked tirelessly for nearly 4.7 million hours to painstakingly hand-carve around two million cubic feet of stone into this amazing architectural marvel, which spans a wide 126-acre area.

The persistent work of volunteers and artisans allowed this 126-acre architectural marvel to cover such a large area. Over the course of approximately 4.7 million hours, these artisans meticulously hand-carved nearly two million cubic feet of stone. The walls of the temple are adorned with carvings of historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln, giving the building a unique sense of tolerance and variety.

According to Yogi Trivedi, a temple volunteer and a historian of religion at Columbia University, the temple walls are decorated with carvings of historical luminaries, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln, according to NBC News.

A central main shrine, 12 smaller shrines, nine shikhars (towering spire-like structures), and nine pyramidal shikhars make up the temple’s unusual design. The largest elliptical dome in a conventional stone building may be found at Akshardham, and it was built to last for a thousand years. You may locate the Brahma Kund on its grounds, a traditional Indian stepwell that receives water from more than 300 water sources across the world, including the holy rivers of India and all 50 US states.

Volunteers from around the United States worked together to erect Akshardham under the direction of knowledgeable Indian craftsmen. Only because of the tireless work and selfless time commitment of millions of volunteers has this enormous undertaking been made feasible. BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham is not only a magnificent architectural feat but also a symbol of the strength of perseverance and the vibrant Hindu spirituality and culture in America.

Every morning, Mr. Trivedi said, “I scratch my eyes and wonder, ‘Am I still in central New Jersey?'” It feels as though you have been transported, specifically to India.

According to PTI, construction on the Akshardham temple, which was built by 12,500 volunteers from around the world, started in 2011.

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