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Indian origin entrepreneur develops airport for drones and flying taxis in UK

Ricky Sandhu, an Indian-origin entrepreneur has made his dream come true by demonstrating the first-ever airport for air taxis and delivery drones in the UK. First-ever fully operational airport for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and drone technology, the ‘Air-One’ in the city of Coventry is currently hosting demonstrator flights.

Ricky Sandhu, founder and Executive Chairman of the Urban-Air Port company, said that he delivered Air-One in 15 months. “In a couple of years, the community from here can be flying to places like London within 20 minutes, saving so much time. Our job is to pave the way,” Sandhu was quoted in a report.

Cargo loading for unmanned drones will also be demonstrated following the opening of Air One in the Westminster Road car park area. West Midlands Police said their drone would also be there to showcase equipment. According to Sandhu, air taxis will be coming very soon, in about two years. “But cargo drones are already flying, doing lots of deliveries in and the country but also around the world. They need a coordinated piece of infrastructure and that’s where we come in,” he added.

The company says its drones have the exciting possibility to help reduce logistics and delivery congestion on our roads in a sustainable, eco-friendly zero-emission way, compared to other commercial vehicles. The Urban-Air Port is developing a global network of specialist ground, air, and digital infrastructure to support urban logistics worldwide. They can operate completely off-grid using on-site hydrogen fuel, zero-emission generation, a source from the company said.

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