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Indian-Origin Executive Now To Be Britain’s CMA

The board of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), a non-ministerial agency tasked with promoting corporate competition and preventing anti-competitive behaviour, has been expanded to include executives of Indian descent with years of expertise in the legal and financial domains.
The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) of the British government announced last week the appointment of Dharmash Mistry, a venture capitalist with expertise in technology, new business models, and finance, as one of the CMA’s four new non-executive directors.

Cyrus Mehta, a former lawyer at the global legal firm CMS in London, was appointed as a panel member and non-executive director to the CMA board.
At a time when our responsibilities and our beneficial influence on individuals, businesses, and the economy are rising dramatically, our new board members will contribute even more fresh insights and knowledge, stated CMA Chair Marcus Bokkerink.
They will support us in maintaining the enormous progress we have made in the last 12 months to guarantee that consumers have excellent options and fair treatment, that competitive companies are free to develop and prosper, and that the economy can expand more sustainably and productively.

Along with the chair and chief executive, non-executive directors of the CMA board are crucial to the organisation’s founding. In their capacity as board members, they are also in charge of establishing the organisation’s aims, assessing performance in relation to its goals, and deciding which market research references to pursue.
Mistry is a non-executive director of the Football Association and the Premier League, in addition to having served in both executive and non-executive capacities on a variety of boards. He was previously a non-executive director of the British Business Bank and the BBC.

With over 35 years of expertise in state aid, competition law, consumer law, trade law, and regulation in both London and Brussels, Cyrus Mehta was the leader of CMS’s European Union (EU) and competition team before joining the London law firm.
The new members of the CMA board, in addition to Mistry and Mehta, are broadcast personality Dame Patricia Hodgson, businessmen Frank Dangeard and Justin Basini, and broadcast personality Frank Basini.

In summary, two individuals of Indian descent have been recruited to high positions; the CMA is in charge of stopping anticompetitive behaviour; and venture capitalist Dharmash Mistry specialises in finance and technology. Former head of a London legal firm’s EU and competition team, Cyrus Mehta

Two people of Indian descent have been promoted to prominent roles within the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), a non-ministerial agency tasked with promoting corporate competition and putting an end to anticompetitive behaviour. On its board, one of them has been designated as a non-executive director.

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