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Indians Now Demand A Permanent Seat In The UNSC

Vanshika Arya, WFY Bureau, India: At the “Veto4India: Haq Banta Hai! India Deserves” event, which took place today (5th September 2023) at the Press Club of India, New Delhi. A group of concerned individuals, eminent professionals, and ardent supporters joined the call for the campaign. In the ongoing campaign to win India a permanent seat on the UN Security Council (UNSC), led by ARVIND SINGH. This momentous occasion represented a significant advancement.

Distinguished guests included Shri Arvind Singh, founder of Veto4India, Shri Melwyn Williams Chirayath (cine actor, writer, director, producer, festival consultant and curator, entrepreneur, and culture journalist), and Shri Desh Rattan Nigam, supreme court attorney, at the event, which was held on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

A dynamic question-and-answer session followed by an illuminating skit by Shri Ram Centre professionals allowed attendees to express their ideas and worries.

In his opening remarks, Shri Arvind Singh, the founder of Veto4India, stated: “Today, we gather not just as citizens but as stewards of India’s destiny, demanding the recognition our nation deserves on the global stage.”

Arvind Singh, an IIM Ahmedabad graduate, founded the “Veto4India” movement because he is adamant that India, with its outstanding accomplishments and contributions on the international scene, merits a permanent seat at the UNSC. With over 30,000 people having signed the petition on, the cause has incredible momentum.

Former international banker Arvind Singh is devoting his time and energies to the cause of nation-building after spending thirty years abroad. Experts, retired Indian Foreign Service officers, and concerned citizens have backed his efforts to win India a permanent seat on the UNSC because they think that having India at the top table for decision-making will improve the UN and promote a more inclusive and balanced global agenda.

People in India and all across the world are responding favourably to Arvind Singh’s plea for the UNSC to give India a permanent seat. A significant number of people have signed the online petition, which is still expanding. The world is closely watching to see if India will finally get the attention it deserves as the movement gains momentum.

Supreme Court Justice Desh Rattan Nigam stated: “In the halls of justice and diplomacy, we plead not only for India’s goals but also for justice itself. The UNSC seat held by India is more than just a seat; it represents justice, equity, and progress.

Given that India has become the world’s most populous nation and also boasts the fastest-growing economy and largest democracy, it is crucial to acknowledge its value and give it the UN representation it rightfully deserves. India’s enormous contributions to UN peacekeeping operations highlight its status as an accountable world citizen.

“India’s cultural richness, innovation, and diversity make it a potent force for positive change,” remarked Melwyn Williams Chirayath (Chairman and the Founder of the Indian Diaspora Global). Let’s work together to make sure that this colourful tapestry plays its proper role in guiding world affairs.

Melwyn Williams Chirayath notes how India is a fervent supporter of UN peacekeeping operations, underscoring their crucial function in maintaining global stability and security. India has also been a steadfast supporter of human rights, especially those of women, children, and those with disabilities. India has actively participated in UN climate change initiatives, most notably through its crucial involvement in the 2015 Paris Agreement negotiations. The “Panchamrit strategy” has been adopted by India in an effort to attain net zero emissions by 2070.

He thinks that people’s decisions and the constantly evolving environment are mostly centred on humans. The key is democracy, and India is the biggest and most complete democracy in the world.

“Let’s work together to promote India’s permanent UNSC membership and uphold the values of equity, justice, and international peace.”

An enlightening skit was also performed by Shri Ram Centre Professionals amid a lively Question & Answers Session, where participants voiced their thoughts and concerns.

Haq Toh Banta Hai!

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