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Introducing Bollywood, A Spectacular Platform For India’s Dance Tradition.

At the Bollywood Extravaganza conducted on Monday at the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium,
Jamaica College dancer Gilles Chuyen (left) interacts with His Excellency Rungsung Masakui, the
High Commissioner of India to Jamaica, and his wife, Zingcharwon.

In a performance at the Bollywood Extravaganza presented at the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium of
Jamaica College on Monday, some of India’s most well-known Bollywood ensemble artists and
Members of the neighbourhood dance fraternity joined forces.

MasakUI Rungsung, the Indian high commissioner to Jamaica, and his delegation want to see
Indian dance culture achieved the same degree of notoriety as dancehall before they ended their
chapter of leadership in the nation

The high commission continued its efforts in this direction by hosting its Bollywood Extravaganza,
which featured a mix of local dancers, on the eve of India’s 77th Independence Day.

Ten of India’s most renowned Bollywood ensemble artists showcased their nation’s dancing
expressions throughout the event, which took place from August 11–15.

Rungsung acknowledged the difficulty of the high cost of airline tickets, but he told The Gleaner
that the Indian High Commission would be negligent if they chose not to transport these dancers
from their country to display their dance emotions at the Bollywood Extravaganza. Over a week
prior to the event, the dancers were flown in.

Having said that, the show would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. The dancers
wouldn’t be troubled by anything because they were eager to perform when they arrived in
Jamaica. I’m thrilled that we were able to maintain the show’s tickets free of charge so that
everyone may attend with proper registration, he added of the showcase, which took place on
Monday night inside the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium at Jamaica College
The 76th anniversary of India’s freedom from British domination was yesterday. Since the opening
of India’s High Commission in Jamaica, the Indian flag has been raised at India House in the
morning in front of the Indian diaspora and Friends of India in Jamaica to commemorate the

Indians are well renowned for having significantly contributed to Jamaica’s growth after slavery
was abolished. On May 10, 1845, 261 Indians were initially transported to Jamaica as indentured
labourers at Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine, to fill labour shortages. They took their cultural customs
with them.

Three years after taking office, Rungsung is thrilled to see Indian culture become more vibrant and
well-liked by the younger generation.

“I don’t believe Jamaica needs to revive its Indian culture. If you look closely, you’ll discover that
Jamaicans already embrace the idea of “Out of Many, One People” and appreciate and respect
Indian culture. The rice, peas, and curry goat are all quite Indian in flavor. Chutney, music, and
events like Phagwa and Hosay also have a positive impact,” Rungsung said.

Also popular here are Indian soap operas. Reggae and dancehall are gaining popularity in India,
proving the same. Rastafarianism and Jamaican cultural icons like Bob Marley are also well known
in India. This means that there is already a need for Indian popular culture in this country, he said.

We are attempting to meet that need by bringing the best Indian dancers to Jamaica for the
island’s culture-loving populace.

Jamaican dancers also participated in the Bollywood Extravaganza in an effort to balance
involvement between the Indian community and Jamaicans as a whole.

Famous French artist and choreographer who fell in love with Indian culture. Jamaican
participation was considered for two reasons. First and foremost, music and dancing are Jamaica’s
lifeblood. Jamaicans’ bodies naturally contain rhythm, which makes dancing for them effortless and
vibrant, according to Rungsung. Second, we didn’t want the program to seem alien to the
community. Jamaican participation fosters shared ownership and commitment. He claimed that this
was the best example of cross-cultural connection and cooperation.

As I have stated, it is a conscious decision to pair Indian girls with Jamaican boys. The Indian and
Jamaican dancers have both learned a lot from one another during their training together,
experiences that will help them in their future endeavors.
The program depicts Indians’ integration into Jamaican society in a variety of ways, preserving
their individuality while still being a part of the island nation’s culture and way of life, the guy said.

Visitors could participate in a one-hour non-stop dance marathon at the Bollywood Extravaganza
reception. A health fair and a reception for leaders of the Jamaican government, the diplomatic
corps, the business community, the media, the Indian diaspora, and Friends of India were also
conducted by the high commission on Sunday as part of India Week 2023.

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