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Celebrate Tremendous 75 Years of Indian Glory with These:

India will commemorate its 75th Republic Day on January 26 this time. In the last 75 years, we have made significant advances in wisdom, space and technology, frugality, education, social equivalency, and justice. Though we still have a long way to go, let us celebrate the country’s Republic Day by reflecting on our 75-year journey of literacy and progress.

This year’s Republic Day festivities will take place on the recently constructed Kartavya Path in New Delhi, with a number of new events planned to punctuate the country’s artistic heritage and military prowess.

French President Emmanuel Macron will be the principal guest at this year’s Republic Day festivities. He is the sixth French leader to attend the form in India.

India declared itself autonomous, popular, and democratic on January 26, 1950, when the Constitution was espoused. As a result, every year on this date, the Union government and citizens commemorate Republic Day. The Indian Constituent Assembly espoused the constitution on November 26, 1949, and it took effect a few months later, on January 26, 1950.

Did you know that January 24 and 25 are also significant days in Indian history, and they played an important part in India’s transition to a democracy? Find out further.

Republic Day 2024 wishes

  • I wish all of my fellow Indians a proud and happy Republic Day! May our country continue to prosper and shine brightly on the transnational stage.
  • Happy Republic Day, 2024! Let us celebrate our great nation’s conscientiousness, diversity, and adaptability as we move forward with determination and sanguinity.
  • Stylish wishes to all Indians on this Republic Day! May the spirit of republic and freedom inspire us to work together to produce a better future for unborn generations.
  • Happy 73rd Republic Day! Let us flash back on the offerings of our freedom fighters and renew our commitment to upholding the values elevated in our Constitution.
  • On this special day, let us celebrate the substance of Indianness—our culture, heritage, and unwavering spirit. Happy Republic Day, 2024!
  • I wish everyone a happy Republic Day filled with pride, nationalism, and a renewed sense of responsibility to help make a better India.
  • As we celebrate the founding of our democracy, let us pledge to uphold the principles of justice, liberty, equivalency, and fraternity. Happy Republic Day!
  • Happy Republic Day 2024, fellow citizens! May the tricolour always fly grandly, representing our inconceivable nation’s concinnity and diversity.
  • On this auspicious occasion, let us flash back on the value of the republic and the strength of consciousness in diversity. Happy Republic Day to all!
  • As we commemorate the day our Constitution went into effect, let us flash back on the rights and liberties it grants us. Happy Republic Day, 2024!

Republic Day 2024 felicitations

  • I wish you a vibrant and happy Republic Day, filled with pride and nationalism!
  • Happy Republic Day! Let us recognise our nation’s spirit and work together to achieve progress.
  • Warm felicitations on Republic Day! May the tricolour continue to inspire us to unite and progress.
  • Happy 73rd Republic Day! Let us celebrate India’s rich diversity and heritage.
  • transferring sincere wishes for a memorable Republic Day filled with love for our country and its people.
  • On this auspicious day, let us recognise the ideals of our Constitution. Happy Republic Day!
  • Warm Republic Day felicitations to everyone! May the spirit of the republic continue to guide our country. Happy Republic Day, 2024! Let us celebrate our nation’s accomplishments with pride and enthusiasm.
  • I wish you and your loved ones an awful Republic Day! May India continue to shine brightly. Congratulations on Republic Day! Let us cherish our freedom and republic.

Republic Day 2024 quotes

  • “Let us together commence a trip of peace, harmony, and progress in South Asia.” Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  • “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the souls of its people.” Mahatma Gandhi
  • “We’re Indians, originally and incipiently.” B.R. Ambedkar
  • “Freedom isn’t given; it’s taken.” Netaji Subha Chandra Bose
  • “Citizenship consists in the service of the country.” Jawaharlal Nehru
  • “Republicanism and illiberalism are means to an end, not the end itself.” Bhagat Singh
  • “Every Indian should now forget whether he’s Rajput, Sikh, or Jat.
  • “He must flash back and say that he’s Indian.” Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  • “The essential thing in religion is making the heart pure; the area of heaven is within us, but only chastity of heart can see God.” Swami Vivekananda
  • “The shots that hit me are the last nails in the pall of British rule in India.” Lala Lajpat Rai
  • “In the republic of India, every Indian shall have equivalency of occasion.” Babasaheb Ambedkar

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