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Kamala Harris praises Indian Americans saying ‘You inspire the Next Generation’ at Summit

US Vice President Kamala Harris, at the Indian American Impact Project Summit and Gala in Washington DC on 23 May, praised the Indian-American community in the country for engaging within America’s political system.

The summit focussed on the climate crisis, civil rights, educational equity, healthcare access, and equity. The event that commenced on May 18 aimed at commemorating the AAPI Heritage Month, and included not politicians but also celebrities and philanthropists.

Harris referred to her mother’s work in cancer research and heralded the values of “dreaming with ambition” taught by her, which, she said, made an impression on her throughout her life.  “Every day, in communities across our nation, you are advancing equality, opportunity, and justice. You are inspiring the next generation of leaders and in particular the next generation of South Asian Leaders,” said Kamala Harris. The executive director of Indian-American Impact, Neil Makhija, highlighted that South Asians had historically been “overlooked, underestimated, and underrepresented politically.” However, with so many community leaders coming together during the summit, “it is clear that it is a thing of the past,” Neil said.

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