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Karine Pansa Is The New Global Ambassador Of Publishing & Education

Karine Pansa, the President of the International Publishers Association, was awarded the Global Ambassador of Publishing and Education Award by the Federation of Indian Publishers.

WFY Bureau, New Delhi, February 12, 2024: The Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) has chosen Ms. Karine Pansa, President of the International Publishers Association (IPA), as the coveted “Global Ambassador of Publishing and Education.” Dr. Subhas Sarkar, the Union Minister for Education of the Government of India, Mr. Naveen Gupta, and Mr. Pranav Gupta, the FIP General Secretary, graciously attended the transformative event “Transformative Trends in Publishing: Shaping the Future through IP, Tech, Data, and AI,” which featured the award ceremony.

Karine Pansa

Ms. Pansa, Managing Partner and Publishing Director of Girassol Brasil, a top children’s book publisher in São Paulo, Brazil, has played a significant role in encouraging literacy and access to high-quality reading materials. Her dedication to promoting literacy and her support for the right to publish have been the foundations of her successful career. Ms. Pansa, President of the Brazilian Book Chamber and now President of the International Publishers Association, continues to advocate worldwide literacy efforts while representing the publishing community’s principles of tolerance, diversity, and advocacy.

The Federation of Indian Publishers has named Ms. Karine Pansa the “Global Ambassador of Publishing and Education” in recognition of her contributions to the publishing sector. Ms. Pansa’s creative leadership and relentless dedication have made an unforgettable impression on the book world, inspiring publishers, educators, and readers to embrace literature’s transformational power.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Pranav Gupta, General Secretary of the Federation of Indian Publishers and Chair of the International Publishers Association’s Data and Statistics Committee, remarked and appreciated that “Ms. Karine Pansa’s exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment to advancing literacy and education have been truly commendable.” Her efforts are firmly aligned with our objective of fostering inclusive and accessible education for all. Her commitment to promoting literacy and instilling a love of reading in children has had a far-reaching impact on communities worldwide. We are honoured to name her the Global Ambassador of Publishing and Education.”

Ms. Karine Pansa accepted the prize and spoke about her dedication to advocating for the transformative potential of education and publishing. She emphasised the significance of collaboration and innovation in solving the publishing industry’s evolving difficulties, and she reiterated her commitment to supporting literacy efforts around the world.

Karine Pansa at the inauguration ceremony of the New Delhi World Book Fair 2024

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