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Kingdom Of Boundaries

Designed smokes like thick fogs,

slithered like a python,

Prowled out of the chimney holes

yet her grain of rice not boiled



Mushroom sprouted thirsty firewoods

remained emotionless

Sharpened lips with a pipe to blow, teary eyes, long inhale, beautiful face now fumigated



Fog decorated skies, unwashed vessels filled sink, scattered bottles,  vegeteble peelings, powders spreading here and there

She screamed!

This is not my kingdom!

Kingdom of the boundaries!



Stripped off the apron and thrown the knives

Spoons and saucers burst out laughing

closed doors  of the living sent her out

That is not my  own kingdom!

Kingdom of boundaries 



Pressure cooker  whistilings diffused  scroched food

Felt like brain burnt 

Outside the home the car horn heard

Felt like herself burnt

Walked towards the kingdom of boundaries

Is this really my own kingdom?

Kingdom of binaries.!


  • A poem by Jamshida Sameer

Jamshida Sameer

Jamshida Sameer is a bilingual writer who hails from Malappuram, Kerala. She is a versatile writer both in Malayalam and English. She published an anthology of Malayalam poems named "hyacinth". She is an assistant professor of English at Blossom Arts and Science College, affiliated with Calicut University, Kerala.

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