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Know Dhruv: A Devoted Songwriter And A Sensational Singer

Songsmiths like Dhruv Sharma are correctly amazed that the intimate music they have created; has a global reach.

His songs like” Double Take”,” Moonlight” and” Aeroplane studies” have amassed millions of views, all of which are part of her 2022 debut album Rapunzel. Last time, Dhruv supported shape-shifting pop artist Joji in the United States and he also performed in auditoriums. Now the Singaporean of Indian descent is traveling  South Asia in hunt of further familiar  home to promote Rapunzel and his 2022 single Blur.

Before this month, Dhruv made his Indian debut with performances in Gurugram and Mumbai. He says on the phone that he has a family- including grandparents in New Delhi, and they turned up at Gurugram’s Imperfecto Patio to fill the space.

 While talking about performing in INDIA, Dhruv adds ” I have always wanted to do this, and it really lived up to my prospects. It was really cool, really delightful, and it shows how music transcends places.

He also talks about how crazy it was for him to accept; that there are people using his song as a soundtrack to their lives or just harkening to the one song that went viral back( Double Take). Dhruv said” I wanted to travel India after( Rapunzel) last time. I  suppose I was veritably pertinacious with my platoon and my agents that I wanted to do it.

About writing his own music, he said I really wanted my jotting process to be particular and grounded on my own gests, so I hope people relate to that because it’s all grounded on effects that happened in my life.

 lately, dhruv; met Prateek Kuhad in Delhi. He mentions how great he and his music are, really.” There are  numerous connections( between us) as Indian artists who have spent a lot of time in the United States. and other places”  dhruv will soon be releasing a new project, he  lately participated a  grain of it in NEW YORK.” It’s a completely different  period of music that I am proud of, it’s completely different, and I hope people enjoy.

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