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Know it all about these abandoned but incredibly fascinating locations.

Once teeming with activity, these lost landscapes are now silent and still, conquered by the forces of overgrowth and decay.

Nature creates its own masterpiece amongst decaying houses and deserted streets, reclaiming once-manicured gardens with wild greenery and more, and weaving vines through broken windows.

These abandoned locations have a hauntingly alluring appeal, with the contrast between natural splendor and ruin inspiring awe and amazement.Every abandoned site offers a look into the fleeting yet eternal beauty of our planet by narrating a different tale of human endeavor, abandonment, and time’s unstoppable march.

India’s Dhanushkodi: The ghost town of Dhanushkodi, which lies at the southeast edge of India, is rich in tragedy and folklore. It was formerly a thriving harbor town until a typhoon destroyed most of the community in 1964, rendering it unusable. Dhanushkodi is now a hauntingly beautiful stretch of lonely streets and abandoned houses, encircled by the immaculate beaches of the Bay of Bengal and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

Kolmanskop, Namibia: When diamond prices fell in the early 20th century, Kolmanskop—once a thriving diamond mining town—was abandoned. The decaying structures, which are now partially buried in sand dunes, provide an unsettling yet alluring image since they stand in stark contrast to the surrounding desert terrain.

Taiwan’s Rainbow Village: This little village in Taichung, Taiwan, was originally scheduled for demolition, but one of its former residents, Huang Yung-Fu, turned it into a lively and colorful tourist destination. Huang, often referred to as the Rainbow Grandpa, decorated the walls of the village homes with elaborate murals that included characters, animals, and landscapes. The end product is an inspiring and quirky art installation amidst the deserted buildings that draws tourists from all over the world.

Houtouwan Village, China: Houtouwan Village, on the Chinese coast’s Shengshan Island, was formerly a bustling fishing village. The community was abandoned in the early 2000s as its inhabitants relocated to bigger cities in quest of better prospects; today, nature has taken back the village. The dense foliage covering its crumbling dwellings creates a bizarre and gorgeous setting that has drawn both adventurers and photographers.

Bodie, California, USA: Currently a State Historic Park, Bodie is a well-preserved late 19th-century ghost town. A favorite spot for both history buffs and photographers, its old wooden buildings, dusty streets, and abandoned possessions arouse interest and feelings of nostalgia.

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