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Words are magicians
With so full of life and laughter
In a way they amass treasure mines
Of strident idioms to entrap viewers..
In one impressive rostrum..
They enter the world to conquer
With much pomp and poise
Holding a wand that of gold..

Words are like migratory birds
From a farthest forest,
They fly across mountains
and horizons to mould a nest
of imagination to create,
To recreate a million fables..

Words are prestidigitators,
They glide beyond the territory of earth
To touch upon the limitless sky
To pluck a dream from the universe,
To sing to dance with the cosmos..

Words are magnifiers and warriors
They fight a war with no artillery or regiments
They pierce the walls, invade terrains
Speak in a million antonyms
To fake a feel a love, to fuse to entrap
to sedate the vulnerable heartbeats

Words are savants,
However fall short of an alphabet
to cop up the whole burden
of a lost feeling or a petal of a dream..
Words but take the lead
To pretend to make believe
That everything falls in its place..
For real and unreal as in magic..

World perhaps a cover page
Of a book of words
Half read, half unread Half known, half unknown..

-A poem by Rema Pisharody

Rema Pisharody

Rema Pisharody is a writer from Bangalore. She is an environmentalist and a nature lover. She holds a Masters in Sociology and is a former employee of BPL Corporate Office, Bangalore. Poetry for her is soul search, to find the innermost being. She is one of the prize recipients of the Prestegious Prime India Poetry Contest and Haven International Poetry Contest. She writes on global platforms and now resides in Bangalore. She is on the editorial board of Sarga Women's Magazine and the Vice President of Creative Women.

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