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Meet Teresa Cheung, the Hong Kong accountant, whose love for yoga, Bollywood & Indian culture growing strong

Yoga, which originated in India, has emerged as the most most potent way to tackle physical and mental health-related problems. During the days of pandemic attack, it has spread across households with young, middle-aged and old people taking the recourse more often they did normally.

The people of South East Asia, however, started doing it in a big way much before the Covid-19 had hit the world. Teresa Cheung, a Hong Kong-based accountant who is also a dancer and fan of Indian culture, took to Yoga just the time when SARS, a mild form of pandemic, made its spread in the region.

In her own words, she resumed the search for yoga classes like many others in Hong Kong. She had signed up with a centre offering a variety of yoga classes, taught by teachers from India. She enrolled for a course that offered five classes per month.

At the end her third class, as soon as she walked past another room and saw people jumping around, moving their arms and legs, with a foreign song which seemed to her of Indian origin.

Teresa felt an unusual joy. What could be a more relief to a people in a fast-paced and crowded city of eight million, she thought.

The woman wanted to be part of the wonderful experience. One of the most defining moments came when she was in a class called Bollywood Dance, taught by a teacher from India. Cheung shook legs in tune of Chaiyya Chaiyya song from the blockbuster Dil Se.

“It sounded so different to me, yet I was enthralled. It was so melodious. The choreography was fantastic too. I got my calling and instantly became a fan of Bollywood music,” Teresa said.

Now, nearly two decades later, her bond and expertise grew. Bollywood dance and Bharatnatyam gave her a rhythm that kept her mind, body, and soul in perfect sync with each other.

Alongside, she started delving deep in Carnatic and classical Hindustani music. Teresa was drawn towards Indian arts, festivals, cuisine, people and religion.

She has been performing Bollywood dance and Bharatanatyam on stage for many years now.

Behind all these, she has found a divine intervention. She considers it’s a blessing showered on her by divine forces. In her own admission, her life has come a full circle.

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