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New Brainstorming Session To Discuss The Staggering ‘Viksit Bharat 2047’

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a brainstorming session on the “Viksit Bharat (Developed India) 2047” document on Sunday, March 3, during the final official meeting of the Council of Ministers before the upcoming general elections, according to news agencies citing Government of India sources.

What is known about the conversations?
Along with brainstorming on the vision paper, the Indian PM and his Council of Ministers allegedly had discussions on a comprehensive action plan for the next five years, all the while projecting confidence in their ability to win back power for a third consecutive term.

A 100-day timetable is being developed for prompt plan implementation following the inauguration of the new administration in May 2024, according to media reports citing sources.
According to reports, more than two years of “intensive preparation”—which included extensive meetings among ministries, state governments, industry experts, scientific bodies, and others—were put into creating the plan “Viksit Bharat (Developed India) 2047.”

There are claims that PM Modi addressed the assembled ministers and department secretaries for an hour.

According to reports, the vision paper was created during more than 2700 sessions held by several ministries between December 2021 and January 2024. It also entails reviewing and implementing 450 suggestions that were derived from 15 stakeholders’ consultations.

It was also stated that over two million young people had submitted proposals to the government. According to news agency ANI, “Viksit Bharat” has a detailed blueprint with clearly stated national goals, aspirations, and action plans.

The study went on to say that the objectives cover a wide range of topics, including infrastructure, social welfare, business facilitation, economic growth, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The Indian Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, stated last month at the 2024 interim budget’s introduction in Parliament that the PM Modi-led administration aims to establish a “Viksit Bharat” (developed India) by 2047.

Sitharaman also stressed at the time that the government wanted to work towards a model of social and economic development that was “all round, all inclusive, and all pervasive.”

General elections in India in 2024
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is in power and is running PM Modi for a third term in the forthcoming general elections, announced its initial list of candidates the day before the Cabinet meeting. There were 195 candidates on the list from 16 states, including 28 women and 47 candidates under the age of 50.
The dates of the general elections are anticipated to be announced shortly by the Election Commission of India (ECI).

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