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 Patanjali makes an Exciting partnership with Daegu Hanny University

It is a source of pride, according to Acharya Balkrishna, general secretary of Patanjali Yogpeeth, that Indian and Korean diplomacy has reached its 50th year.

However, the fact that the two nations are commemorating the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic ties is a source of tremendous satisfaction, the Acharya stated while delivering a speech at the Wellness Festival 2023 held in the South Korea.

For this festival, Patanjali items were offered in a distinct pavilion. The Korean customers at the Patanjali stand were really enthusiastic. According to Acharya Ji, people are accepting and trusting Patanjali products.

He added that it was a nice surprise for them that the locals have already been using Patanjali Dantkanti and many other goods.

The Patanjali Institute and Daegu Hanny University, a prominent South Korean university, have struck a contract in an effort to increase the penetration of Indian culture around the world.

This is a positive move towards promoting Indian culture and the world’s top Indian medicinal systems, Yoga and Ayurveda.

Byun Chang-hoon, the president of Daegu Haany University, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to cooperate with Patanjali, the largest institution dedicated to the study of Ayurveda and Yoga in India.

With this ancient Indian knowledge, we can now better educate our students and scholars, he stated.

Byun Chang-hoon expressed his admiration for Patanjali’s research and service efforts and expressed confidence that, with Patanjali’s help, Korea’s medical heritage will be furthered in the future.

Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj, general secretary of the Patanjali Yogpeeth, commented on the collaboration: “The joint collaboration of two institutions will prove to be a milestone in the establishment of traditional knowledge in the world.”

He anticipated that the meeting between the largest institutes from Korea and India’s largest traditional yoga-Ayurveda institute would pave the way for the global spread of traditional knowledge in the future.

Through this agreement, the two institutions will work together to contribute significantly to the creation of a world that is joyful, peaceful, healthy, and prosperous. We are pleased and sure that we will be able to finish this work quickly, he stated.

Of the 12 universities in Korea’s Traditional Medicine System and Research, Daegu Haany University is the largest and oldest. This collaboration will facilitate a significant amount of Ayurvedic research.

Korean students will travel to India to study at Patanjali University, and Patanjali faculty and students will exchange knowledge to learn about the Korean Medical System. This will help to establish the understanding of Ayurveda and yoga in Korea.

We will collaborate in the future on projects involving the development and study of herbal items, according to Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj.

Byun Chang-hoon, the president of Daegu Haany University; Moon Seop Kim, the vice president; professor Soon A. Park; and, in the show, Chang Tsang, were present.

Dr. Heero Hitto, senior adviser of the University Research Committee of Subharti University, Meerut, Dr. Anurag Varshney, vice president and chief scientist of Patanjali Research Institute, and others were present on behalf of Patanjali under the direction of Acharya Balkrishna ji.

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