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Pratt & Whitney Expands Its Presence in India with New Digital Centre

RTX’s Pratt & Whitney division is expanding its operations in South Asia with the establishment of its new India Digital Capability Centre (IDCC) in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka.

The multimillion-dollar facility will complement the company’s global engineering, supply chain, and business transformation initiatives. IDCC will also collaborate closely with other RTX business units in India, including Collins Aerospace and RTX Enterprise Services.

“The expansion of Pratt & Whitney’s digital technology presence in Bengaluru will allow us to leverage India’s aviation and technology talent and accelerate our digital transformation,” said Rahul Dharni, Pratt & Whitney’s vice president and CIO.

Bengaluru, known as a technology hub, has served as a research and development site for Pratt & Whitney since 2012, when the aerospace manufacturer established an office at the Indian Institute of Science. In 2015, the company opened its India Customer Training Centre in Hyderabad.

Over the last two years, P&W has invested $40 million in its engineering and supply chain centres, and it has begun recruiting the first batch of 300 IDCC employees by 2027. Over the last two decades, the company has sourced more than $500 million in engineering services from India, including nearly $55 million in the last decade from the country’s leading aerospace suppliers.

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