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I am not a prisoner but of my thoughts…

Principles and ideals are not bars of my cell,

Who caged me and clipped my wings?

Ordained me on a throne of adjectives,

A glorified Goddess, but carved out of clay

Restraint in a temple of your choice!

You feign that… coronation was complete,

But the authenticity was at stake.

I am not a Prisoner…but of my thoughts.

Freedom chocked in the golden cage,

Every whiplash strengthened my senses,

Re incarnation was inevitable!

I gained new feathers on my clipped wings

Aimed blue sky beyond cosmic lines.

Barked at every shadow passed,

As I am afflicted, inhibited and prohibited.

Never crown me as a goddess, but venerable

I am a woman altogether, prudent, perceive

And….to emancipate her captive dreams !!

– A poem by Briji KT

Briji KT

BRIJI. KT. is an Author and Artist. She was born in Kerala ,educated in Chandigarh and Jamnagar and now settled in Bangalore. She has authored books in Malayalam and English by reputed publishers ,Kerala gov. institute for childrens literature and Amazone. She has won awards for writing, including women achievers award for the year 2020. Conducted several painting exhibitions .

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