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Rain Is A Dream Of Our Hope

Rain is a soft silken dream

Of our celestial solitude

A melody of hillocks and east wind,

Of sorrows and smiles..

Rain is a traveller of hope

of a tree that of fondness

Planted by Aphrodite

To enchant lovers of all eras

Rain is like a little child of our past

Playing hide and seek in angelic wings

With a smile that of innocence

For us to cherish for ages

Rain is an image of hidden pain

Of the unseen tears of our heart

Armed in white and pearl

To conquer our own silent battles

Rain is a poem of a summer cloud,

All set in a regal palanquin

Of forgotten Springs and sunshine,

Of tears and heartbreaks,

Of prayers and renaissance,

For us to cleanse our own cluster

Of perilous nightmares..

Rain is a soft velvet dream

Of our past and present

Of blossoming flowers

Of the songs of the valley

And our deep rooted faith

Carved  on elements earthen

for us to dream to hope for….. 

Rema Pisharody

Rema Pisharody is a writer from Bangalore. She is an environmentalist and a nature lover. She holds a Masters in Sociology and is a former employee of BPL Corporate Office, Bangalore. Poetry for her is soul search, to find the innermost being. She is one of the prize recipients of the Prestegious Prime India Poetry Contest and Haven International Poetry Contest. She writes on global platforms and now resides in Bangalore. She is on the editorial board of Sarga Women's Magazine and the Vice President of Creative Women.

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