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Sunderji Happy To Be Repatriated Now From Bahrain.

Repatriation of Patient Vaya Harkishandas Sunderji Bahrain,: The Pravasi Legal Cell Bahrain, in collaboration with various government authorities and social organizations, successfully facilitated the repatriation of Indian Vaya Harkishandas Sunderji, a 73-year-old patient, to his home country.

Mr. Sunderji, who was admitted to Salmaniya Medical Complex (ward 102) in Bahrain following a brutal assault on October 24, 2022,.

He was transported to the hospital by ambulance after sustaining severe head injuries. CT brain scans revealed multiple skull fractures with intracerebral hemorrhages.

The medical treatment administered at the hospital included a decompressive craniectomy on the left side of his skull. This procedure, while intended to alleviate pressure on his brain, left him paralyzed on the right side of his body, including his limbs. Consequently, he has become dependent on others for even his basic routine activities.

Additionally, the injury has affected his ability to speak clearly. Mr. Sudhir Thirunilath, President of Pravasi Legal Cell (PLC) Bahrain, expressed his satisfaction with the collaborative efforts that led to Mr. Sunderji’s repatriation. He stated, “It is heartening to see the collective support and coordination from all stakeholders involved in ensuring the safe return of Mr. Sunderji to his homeland.” Upon learning that Mr Sunderji was attacked by robbers who stole gold belonging to another person, PLC discovered that no culprits had been arrested.

Subsequently, Mr. Sunderji was transferred to Jidhafs in December 2023, and then back to SMC on January 31, 2024. “During my visit, I learned that Mr. Sunderji is in a position to return to India but requires personal care from his family,” said Mr Thirunilath. However, due to his difficulty speaking clearly, obtaining details of his passport or any other identification proof proved to be challenging. Utilizing his CPR number, I contacted Bahrain government authorities to gather details of his case and documents.” “With the help of Mr. Kader, Mr. Sunderji’s old partner, efforts were made to communicate with his family members. Additionally, I reached out to his sister in Dubai with assistance from Sreedharan Pillai of the PLC Dubai Chapter, as well as PLC Governing Council members Jai Shah and community leader and businessman Prakash Devji.

They communicated with her and explained the situation, ultimately requesting her to send an email confirming her willingness to care for him.” Furthermore, Mr. Sunderji’s sister approached Swajan Asharam, an old age home sponsored and run by Shree Parajiya Pattani Soni Gnati Smast in Veraval, Gujarat. They expressed readiness to accept him for care, considering the family’s lack of members in India to provide support.

The efforts culminated in obtaining the necessary documentation, extending Mr. Sunderji’s stay validity, and securing medical clearance for his travel. Kuwait Airways generously provided approval for his transportation, ensuring his safe journey back to India. Mr. Thirunilath expressed his gratitude to all parties involved, including the Embassy of India in Bahrain, the Ministry of External Affairs India, SMC Hospital authorities, immigration authorities, and Kuwait Airways, among others.

He also thanked Mrs. Hiragoori Dhirajlal Dhakan and her family for their unwavering support and commitment to Mr. Sunderji’s rehabilitation. “It was a collaborative effort involving numerous individuals and government authorities, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of them,” said Mr Thirunilath. “We would like to express our sincere thanks to HE. Vinod K Jacob, the Indian Ambassador, as well as HOC Ravi Jain and Second Secretary Ravi Singh, along with other Embassy Officials Vikas, Surenlal, and Das.

Our appreciation also goes to the Ministry of External Affairs India, Dr. Joseph Ravindra, Dr. Tajudeen, and Dr. Ali Hussain Ali from the SMC. We are grateful for the dedicated efforts of social workers Ms. Basma and Mr. Abdulla Khalil from SMC, as well as the staff at Jidhafs Hospital, who provided invaluable assistance throughout.

We also extend our thanks to the Immigration Authorities, Kuwait Airways, and Mr Devji, who coordinated and bore the expenses.

Special recognition goes to the PLC Team, World NRI Council, Hope Team, and numerous other social workers for their unwavering support in facilitating the safe repatriation of Mr. Sunderji. Mr Sunderji left from Bahrain on March 8 to Ahmedabad (Kuwait Airways) with a medical escort .

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