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New tech: This new update of the Google Play Store will now allow you to download the apps simultaneously.

Android users, rejoice! App downloads in parallel are a much-requested feature that Google Play is finally starting to roll out. This greatly improves download efficiency, especially for customers with strong devices and fast internet connections, as you can now download two apps at once.

The Much-Awaited Arrival of Multitasking Google Play Now allows multiple app downloads at once. Google tested this feature in 2019, but it wasn’t made available to many users. It now seems that this feature is being rolled out more widely, which is a big improvement for the user experience.

Advantages of Downloading Files in Parallel Google Play app downloads used to happen one after the other. This meant that smaller software couldn’t start until a larger game had finished downloading. This inefficiency is now obsolete.

When you use parallel downloads, you can maximize the use of your device’s processing power and internet traffic by starting both downloads at the same time.

Present Restrictions:

Not including updates Although parallel downloads are a significant advancement, it’s vital to remember that app updates are not yet supported by this feature. One update at a time, downloads continue. This may have something to do with how Android handles upgrades.

App bundles, which are widely used these days, allow users to download only the updated portions of an app rather than the complete package. Because the new components must be merged with the current software, this decreases the download size but increases processing time.

Google decided to keep updates coming in sequential order because this procedure could potentially tax the device’s resources, especially when there are a lot of updates.

An Appreciable Advance Notwithstanding Restrictions

The ability to download two apps at once is a big plus for Android users, even though it doesn’t include updates. This much-anticipated feature expedites the download process by enabling the quicker acquisition of several apps.

A simple way to find out if your smartphone supports parallel downloads is to look at the Google Play notifications. Congratulations! You are using the new functionality if you see notifications for two active downloads!

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