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The Himalayas are a range of speculations,

The mountain which is formed millions of years ago,

The great collision of continents raised the snow wonder, and

The Himalayas became a mysterious monster!

The mind is free to be anywhere at any time,

The highest peak is captured at the wink of an eye!

The whole world was under my feet, and 

The clandestine meeting held with my imaginations!

The umpteen incomprehensible stories about the” Gyan Ganj”*

Left my mind in an awesome Trans,

The unexplained noises and mysterious lights apparition…

Captured my senses unaware!

The physical presence of Maharishis..

Bheeshma and Vasishta were heard and felt.

The sermon of Sankarachaarya was loud and clear,

The fire of Vishwamitra’s rage was burning.

The enlightened monks and tantriks 

went into hybernation ,and

Lord Siva chose the highest peak kailash.

The mind is free to wonder why 

All the wise souls went into” himalayan silence “?!

The unexplained noise solved the mystery,

“Because silence is orgasmic!”


*Gyan Ganj is believed to be located within the mystic valleys of Himalaya which is the land of immortals. One may feel the physical presence of Maharishis and human beings in subtle ways.

Briji KT

BRIJI. KT. is an Author and Artist. She was born in Kerala ,educated in Chandigarh and Jamnagar and now settled in Bangalore. She has authored books in Malayalam and English by reputed publishers ,Kerala gov. institute for childrens literature and Amazone. She has won awards for writing, including women achievers award for the year 2020. Conducted several painting exhibitions .

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