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Tech new: Google surprisingly Shares an unexpected Android Update.

With few differences between the operating systems and their phones, Android and iPhone are closer than ever.

Google has recently defeated Apple at its own game with a spectacular new feature that is surprise coming to Android first and might be around the way. In the main, Google might seem to do more following than leading.Given the competition between the two largest smartphone ecosystems in the world for customers, Google is determined to make Android more like the iPhone.

Google has improved Android security recently, added Apple Pass support to its wallet, and integrated WhatsApp calls into its phone dialer.

Now, this most recent version surpasses Apple at its own game by going above and beyond what is already a feature of the iPhone.It appears that Google is closing the gap with the most recent Android 15 developer version, allowing users to add a satellite add-on to their cellular accounts and allowing essential messaging apps to take advantage of the satellite network.

No more users are being dropped into a connectivity black hole by cellular blackspots.In order to provide a “consistent user experience” for devices that enable satellite connectivity, Android 15 DP2 introduces a few new UI elements.

By including a new API that applications may use to determine when a device is linked to a satellite, the update further broadens platform support for satellite connectivity

. Additionally, Android 15 permits SMS, MMS, and RCS apps to send and receive messages via satellite connectivity.

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