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Alert: Parts of the U.P. may get another spell of rain on new year.

For the second time in the first five days of the new year, rain fell on the state capital. While Lucknow had its first showers of the year on Wednesday, it received 6.6 mm of rain on Friday.

The inhabitants’ suffering intensified due to rain, cloud cover, and strong winds from the west as the daytime temperature significantly decreased. The harshly cold weather was especially harsh for the impoverished and the homeless.

The state capital saw temperatures as high as 16 degrees Celsius and as low as 12 degrees Celsius.

Most of the state was covered in dense to extremely dense fog, which made visibility difficult. The winter chill was exacerbated by a few degrees below the average maximum temperature.

The main weather prediction for Lucknow is clear skies with heavy fog in the morning. There will be a difference of around 17 and 11 degrees Celsius between day and night.

The state’s prediction calls for largely dry weather in the West Indies and isolated areas of rain or thundershowers in the East Indies.

On January 8 and 9, expect another round of rain to hammer several sections of the U.P.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a forecast on Friday indicating that between January 6 and 9, isolated areas of West and East Uttar Pradesh are expected to experience dense to very dense fog conditions for a few hours in the morning.

There was substantial fog in several areas of West Uttar Pradesh and very intense fog in isolated pockets across East Uttar Pradesh. Visibility decreased to 25 meters in Gorakhpur, 50 meters in Bahraich, 200 meters in Prayagraj, and 200 meters in Sultanpur. In West UP, visibility decreased to 50 meters in Bareilly and Jhansi.

With highest and minimum temperatures of 10.8 (7.6 degrees Celsius below average) and 4.7 degrees Celsius, respectively, Muzaffarnagar continued to be the coldest place in the Uttar Pradesh. People felt the extreme cold because daytime temperatures in several UP cities were below average due to the thick fog.

Numerous locations in West Uttar Pradesh experienced minimum temperatures that were noticeably below average. 8.2 degrees Celsius was the lowest temperature recorded in Meerut, 10.5 in Bareilly, 11.4 in Bahraich, 11.6 in Jhansi and Sultanpur, 11.9 in Gorakhpur, and 13 in Varanasi.

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