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The reason why these evening strolls in New Delhi make women feel safer.

As they lead nighttime tours of the monuments, a group of history buffs are claiming the city for its past and its women

The Qutub Minar complex is bathed in a warm, golden glow by the setting sun. The five-story tower is bathed in pink and yellow light as part of the light-and-sound spectacle, which brings the monuments to life as the sun sets. As part of their ‘Raat Ke Afsane’ tour, the Enroute Indian History (EIH) group has assembled here. EIH has been leading walkers to explore secret spots in Delhi. When Qutub Minar was illuminated, its features and carvings—which are less striking during the day—came to life, creating a captivating sight. There was a stunning interaction of light and shadow on the monument due to the shadows, shifting light angles, and the artificial lights taking over.

The community’s founder, Anoushka Jain, started this project in 2019. Possessing a master’s degree in history, she was eager to impart to others her abiding enthusiasm for the field. This organization serves to remind individuals of the unwritten history that is all around them. We really enjoy our heritage walk, Raat Ke Afsane. We travel to several sites, such as Safdarjung Tomb, Humayun’s Tomb, and Qutub Minar, after dusk and truly see the area in a new light.

The fact that Jain’s effort is focused on and for women is one of its unique features. They organize Ladies Night Walks so that women can explore and enjoy the city without fear. The walk titles, “Badass Begums” for Chandni Chowk and “Tawaifs and Kothas” for the particular stroll in Old Delhi, both pay homage to women.

The exquisite Mughal architecture and the elaborate embellishments of old temples are testaments to the illustrious history of India. Regretfully, in the rush of contemporary life, the celebration and preservation of historical past frequently suffer from neglect. This is where the EIH comes in, whose goal is to celebrate and revitalize India’s historical assets.

The whole picture was very different from how history was perceived five years ago. The Covid epidemic, in my opinion, has been extremely beneficial in raising people’s awareness of how history is viewed in modern society. Heritage enthusiasts form a devoted community at EIH. A few of them are regulars, going on these treks three times a month on average. The majority of them are scheduled for the weekends, although EIH also offers customized walks.

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