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The Sapling And The Tree

What’s it between a sapling and the tree?

It’s the growth, I guess, in that gentle breeze.

I am very joyful whenever the sun shines,

And also when there is water in my lines,

I grow up beneath the open azure skies,

As I get tossed whenever the wind aligns.

I bear the good fruits of myriad tastes,

And also of many shapes and shades,

I shelter those who come seek my solace,

And I have never ever looked for accolades.

Have seen innumerable Panchayat meetings,

And many a lover coming for their greetings,

Have also seen friends of painful partings,And kids trying the acts of simple readings.

Happiness lies in animals tied to my trunk,

And singers’ punctuation by a guitar’s plunk,

There is plenty of room for a pious monk,

And an ambience for differences shrunk.

I rejoice the gurgling of the winding stream,

And also the fluttering of birds of dream,

There is so much peace in the moonbeam,

And in the reflection of the sun’s gleam.

I help prevent land desertification,

And maintain the soil stabilisation,

I reduce the risk of further inundation, And thus enable great habitation.

With so much of goodness in & around me,

Why do people want to cut the big tree?

Is it the greed that makes them carefree,

Or is it a case of simply being a dummy?

Please do not test my goodness anymore,

Save yourselves by chopping me no more,

I’m the last hope, you must’ve heard the lore, So discard your avarice and come ashore.

From now onwards, attempt to go green,

To preserve the environment make it your routine,

Plants, animals, organisms will thus be serene, So will you humans see wonders unforseen.

What’s it between a sapling and the tree?

It’s the growth, I guess, in that gentle breeze.

Giving a sapling is the best sustainable gift.

Sudha Mukhopadhyay

Sudha Mukhopadhyay, having spent two decades abroad (Japan, Qatar, Dubai, and Saudi), has now returned to Chennai. Previously employed in the Indian General Insurance industry, she ventured beyond borders. Alongside her passion for writing short stories and poems, she finds solace in painting on canvases, using acrylic, oil, and watercolors, as well as sketching. She perceives art as a mirror of existence.

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