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Uncovering the Secrets of the Indian Summer: Crucial Travel Knowledge.

Here are some tips on where Indian tourists are going to make amazing summertime memories as summer draws near.

Each summer, interesting travel trends pertaining to Indian travelers are uncovered. This summer, travelers who are taking advantage of the chance to travel domestically or abroad should expect it to be a season of discovery and renewal.

57% of Indians are considering taking a lengthy local vacation this year, while 43% are hoping to take a long overseas journey (5+ nights), according to Travel Predictions 2024.

The travel website provides information on destinations where Indian tourists are going to have amazing summertime experiences as summer draws near.

Domestic Pleasures: Seeking refuge by the sea and in the Highlands For Indian travelers seeking to escape the summer heat, the mountains continue to be irresistible. This year, 50% of Indian travelers said they would want to go on a nature vacation, followed by a beach trip (48%) and a city trip (37%).

The top two destinations this summer for searches on the travel platform are the major cities of Mumbai and Bengaluru. Aside from big cities, hill stations remain the top option for tourists looking for breathtaking scenery, exciting adventures, and a chance to relax in the great outdoors.

The most popular vacation spot is Ooty, which is followed by Manali and Srinagar. Famous beaches in Goa are still favorites among beachgoers hoping to soak up the sun in the summer.India’s top ten leisure locations by search volume for domestic travel from April 15, 2024, to July 15, 2024.

Ranking in relation to the same period as the as the previous year.

1. Ooty (-1)

2. Srinagar (+2)

3. Manali (-4)

4. Darjeeling (-1)

5. Goa (0)

6. Kodaikanal (+4)

7. Puri (-2)

8. Rishikesh (-2)

9. Munnar (-1)

10. Mussoorie (+2)

Traveling overseas: looking for uncommon adventures outside the Nation Indians are discovering both short- and long-term travel destinations inside Asia and beyond, even as domestic travel continues to flourish.

Indian visitors may now travel abroad more easily because of affordable packages, simplified booking procedures, and easier access to visas. This summer, 40% of travelers will be going to Asia Pacific, 20% to the Middle East, and 40% to Europe, including London and New York.

Dubai is the most sought-after foreign travel destination this year thanks to its opulent amenities and modern allure. India’s summer travel wish list includes destinations like Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Bali, all of which are renowned for their diverse cultures.

The top ten destinations that Indian travelers searching abroad most frequently searched between April 15 and July 15, 2024. Ranking in relation to the same period previous year

1. Dubai (0)

2. Singapore (0)

3. London (0)

4. Paris (0)

5. Bangkok (0)

6. New York (+5)

7. Tokyo (+5)

8. Bali (-1)

9. Makkah (-3)

10. Amsterdam (0)

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