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Vivek Ramaswamy surprisingly Makes The Debate His ULTIMATE Show

The first Republican primary conversation of the 2024 election cycle featured Vivek Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur of Indian descent and prospective presidential candidate. A two-hour debate between eight conservative contenders took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, without former US President Donald Trump, who opted out of the event.

Particularly for his remarks concerning Donald Trump, the Ukraine War, and climate change, Vivek Ramaswamy attracted a lot of publicity. The successful businessman of Indian ancestry successfully deflects insults from those who oppose him while making his maiden run for office in the legislature.

Even though he remains far behind Donald Trump in the polls, the 38-year-old was able to stand out at the first argument and become one of the night’s biggest performers. When Mr. Ramaswamy practically took centre stage throughout the debate, the audience cheered his remarks multiple times. The 38-year-old was able to compete despite fighting alongside accomplished contenders, including Mike Pence and Nikki Haley.

Mr. Ramaswamy clings to his label as an outsider.

The 38-year-old grabbed a page from Barack Obama’s notebook and gave a mocking introduction, which was met with applause from the audience. “Permit me to just address the matter that is on everyone’s mind at home right now. Who the hell is this short, slim guy with a strange last name?

What Vivek Ramaswamy said regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The single contender, Ramaswamy, condemned providing extra funding for the conflict in Ukraine. He urged that the United States first take care of its own affairs. He remarked, to applause from those in attendance, “I think it is catastrophic that we are defending against an invasion across somebody else’s border when we should be using those same military resources to prevent the invasion of our own southern border here in the United States. Additionally, Ramaswamy maintained that it would be “disastrous” for the US to go along with a war in another nation while it was experiencing its own set of problems.

Climate change as seen by Vivek Ramaswamy

The 38-year-old US presidential candidate considers climate change to be a “hoax.” ” The climate change agenda is a fraud. The businessman remarked, drawing jeers from the audience, “More people are dying because of lousy climate change policies than they are because of the actual climate. Mr. Ramaswamy restated his position in his concluding remarks, referring to fossil fuels as “a requirement for human prosperity.”

According to Mr. Ramaswamy, Donald Trump “was the best president of the twenty-first century.”

At the GOP debate, Donald Trump was a contentious subject. Even though Mr. Trump is being sued on more than 90 different charges of a criminal offence, the majority of candidates have increased their support for him. When asked about pardoning Mr. Trump, Mr. Ramaswamy has frequently said that he would do so. The Republican contender additionally lauded Trump throughout the debate. “Let’s be honest with each other. The best president of the twenty-first century, in my opinion, was President Trump. Ramaswamy stated that it was a fact.

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