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Today we have with us Mr. Mukund Khatiwada. He is one of the leading entrepreneurs based in the USA and Nepal.

Good day, Mr. Khatiwada. Thank you for joining us for this interview. Let’s begin by discussing your early life and how it shaped your path. Can you share more about how it impacted your journey?

Mukunda: I was born into a poor family in 1973. We were a family of four. My elder sister, me, and my parents.

In 1971, there were only 4 shops in front of the Pashupati Nath Temple that sold flowers, pooja material, and rudraksha. My late father, Mr. Balaram Khatiwada, used to bring rudraksha and other mala from Banaras and sell them in Kathmandu.

Those days, there was no direct link from Dingla (Bhojpur) to Kathmandu, so I used to buy Nepali rudraksha from Banaras, India.

He used to open the shop as early as 3 o’clock am to late at 9 p.m., and my mother, Late Laxmi Khatiwada, gave equal effort to run the small shop. My parents’ main objective was to give us a good education.

Me and my sister graduated from a reputed university, Tribhuban university, and we made our parents proud.

After graduation, I searched for a job but was not able to get one, and I thought of starting many new businesses because my parents were old and I do not want to run the same business as it requires 18 hours of continuous effort.

After graduation, my mother encouraged me to learn computers; it was around 1997. NIIT from India has opened a branch in Kathmandu to study software engineering, and furthermore, I pursued e-commerce.

Question: That’s fascinating. So, what happened after your school years? How did you decide on your career path?

Mukunda: After graduating from NIIT and having knowledge of e-commerce, I decided to launch a web site on Rudraksha.

Around 1998, the Pashupati Nath Temple Development Trust decided to demolish all houses and shops near the temple, including our shop. We became jobless. That year was very difficult for me as my mother expired and my father decided not to do any work. Due to their hard work, they managed to build a house that was safe. Now all responsibility came to me, including my wife and son.

I always had knowledge of Rudraksha, and I just mixed with new technology and brought new products to market.

I decided to launch a web site, www.neparudraksha.com.

Back then, the website used to be static; if someone wanted to buy, he or she needed to email me, and I needed to answer. Getting money from customers was also challenging. Getting money from India was difficult; my customer needs to go to SBI and make a demand draft, which was a very lengthy process, and very few businesses I use get their money from the website.

Then I started selling to various shops in Varanasi, Haridwar, etc., including major web sites in India.

My popularity increased day by day due to the best quality Rudraksha at a reasonable price, and I became one of the leading Rudraksha business houses.

Now, in the world of Rudraksha, Nepa Rudraksha can proudly say that it is one of the biggest Rudraksha collectors of Nepali Rudraksha.

Question: That’s a bold move. Can you share some highlights of your business in the international arena?

Mukunda: 99% of my customers are Indian, no matter where they live. Our record shows we have managed to supply 153 countries to date. Our popularity is increasing day by day.

In the last 25 years, we have managed to open branches in the USA and Nepal and are planning to open physical stores in India too.

The small shop, which was opened in 1971, became one of the most trusted Rudraksha brands until now. I am sure this legacy will flow further with the effort and hard work of my children.

I’ve spent my entire life researching the benefits of numerous types of Rudraksha beads. Our family is well-known for its extensive knowledge of ancient scriptures as well as its recent scientific study of Rudraksha. We not only comprehend the chemical compositions, energy-matter dynamics, and biological importance of Rudraksha seeds, but we also decode the sophisticated mathematics linked with the astrological setting, which strongly supports the use of Rudraksha as life-changing beads. We also provide experienced and honest guidance and have assisted thousands of people all over the world in overcoming adversity and living a happy and meaningful life.

Question: That’s quite a journey. Tell us more about your current life. What keeps you busy—your family and other engagements?

Mukunda: By the grace of God, both of my children were able to study at prestigious schools and colleges in the USA. My son, Sukritya Khatiwada, has already joined my business after graduation. Due to his knowledge of both modern and Vedic education, he is able to incorporate the modern system into our religious practice. His popularity is enhancing in the Rudraksha field.

Question: Looking back on your long and fruitful life journey, what are your reflections?

Mukunda: My journey in the field of Rudraksha has been nothing short of magical, and it continues to be. It gives me great pride to carry my family’s legacy forward and continue to raise global awareness of this sacred bead.

Through this journey, one of the main things I have learned is the importance of perseverance and self-belief. When we started as a small shop in the temple premises, the only thing that kept us driven was our goal to reach the lives of devotees throughout the world. This goal guided me to create the first ever online platform for Nepali Rudraksha.

Similarly, even today, when I think of the challenges that we have overcome to establish Nepa Rudraksha as the world’s largest and most trusted source for Rudraksha, I believe that nothing is impossible. The only thing that limits one’s potential is their vision for what they want to be in life.

With the blessing of my Rudraksha and Lord Shiva, I have accomplished what seemed impossible, but I am only getting started. I hope to someday see Nepa Rudraksha’s Rudraksha pendant with every Hindu in the entire world. I believe it’s possible and would be a great blessing to humanity.

Question: We are so pleased to know about your success story. I’m sure many will be thrilled and inspired by it. Now, can you please help us understand more about Rudrakha?

Mukunda: Sure, I’ll tell you more about the world of Rudraksha and its importance and relevance.

Across the globe, many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, business owners, and sports personalities choose to procure Rudraksha combinations from us, seeking divine support for their successful careers.

We humans are considered one of the most exceptional species in the galaxy. Each individual, regardless of gender or age, possesses tremendous potential to thrive in all aspects of life. All we require are limitless ambitions, persistent efforts, and abundant blessings. However, we often limit our ambitions, shorten our efforts, and hesitate to seek blessings. Consequently, despite having access to modern facilities, true happiness remains an elusive dream for most people. It is crucial to recognise that abundance, growth, harmony, and happiness stem from spiritual equilibrium. Conversely, their absence indicates an imbalance of karma. The divine vibrations emitted by different mukhi Rudraksha beads empower, balance, and enable individuals to discover their unlimited potential, attracting the eternal blessings of Lord Shiva.

Various research studies have illustrated the merits of Rudraksha, confirming its possession of powerful electromagnetic, paramagnetic, and inductive properties. Rudraksha beads are renowned for their healing powers.

Each Rudraksha possesses unique vibrations and can be used for specific purposes. It would be inappropriate to simply purchase any Rudraksha without understanding its significance, as wearing the wrong type could create chaos in one’s life. To derive maximum benefits from a Rudraksha bead, it is essential that someone knowledgeable about its vibrations prescribe it, ensuring compatibility with the wearer’s own vibrations to achieve desired outcomes.

At www.neparudraksha.com, we are a trusted source of authentic Rudraksha beads, ranging from 1 to 14 mukhi. Rudraksha Foundation’s products have won the confidence of individuals in over 20 countries. Rudraksha beads are seeds from the ‘Elaeocarpus Ganitrus’ tree, found in several South Asian countries, including India and Nepal. In Hindu mythology, Rudraksha enjoys great prominence, with Lord Shiva, the most revered Hindu God, depicted wearing a Rudraksha bead rosary on his head, arms, and hands. The term Rudraksha originates from ‘Rudra’ (a popular name for Shiva) and ‘Aksha,’ meaning tears. Hence, Rudraksha translates to ‘Tears of Shiva.’

The number of faces a Rudraksha bead can have varies from a single face to up to 21 faces. The greater the number of faces, the more powerful, rare, and valuable the Rudraksha. Each face holds specific significance and exerts a direct influence on the wearer’s life path, health, and wealth. Few individuals truly understand the immense power of a Rudraksha bead. Our organisation, Nepa Rudraksha, is dedicated to spreading awareness about the spiritual and material benefits it offers, including prosperity, supreme success, harmonious relationships, and a blissful existence.

“The Siddha Mala has the capacity to pacify all known and unknown Doshas in one’s birth chart. Additionally, every horoscope contains certain sensitive points, both positive and negative, which can be activated by transiting planets or Mahadashas, resulting in favourable or unfavourable incidents in one’s life. The Siddha Mala, blessed by the deities it represents, appeases these sensitive points and planets in the wearer’s birth chart, mitigating adversities and enhancing privileges. Therefore, it is highly recommended for every individual to wear Rudraksha beads to enrich their lives.”

We offer numerous other combinations, each with its own benefits, ranging from career success to relationships and health. Our organisation has received several prestigious awards and achievements.

Those interested in consulting with me or purchasing the Siddha Mala or any other combinations of authentic Rudraksha beads may visit www.neparudraksha.com. The Siddha Mala, consisting of Rudraksha beads from 1 to 14 mukhi, along with a Gaurishankar and a Ganesh Rudraksha arranged in a specific order and style, is considered unique. Only a fortunate few in this world are destined to wear this mala, not just due to its high price tag but also because of the scarcity of genuine Rudraksha beads.

The Rudraksha beads of different mukhi in a Siddha Mala represent all the deities and all nine planets, empowering the wearer both spiritually and materially.

The Siddha Mala aids in balancing the five elements and purifying the seven chakras in the body, ensuring good health for the wearer. It also aligns subtle energies, thoughts, emotions, and consciousness, which are the primary drivers of success in the material realm. The Rudraksha beads within the Siddha Mala harmonise these forces and align individual consciousness with the creative cosmic fields. This leads to granting opportunities and facilitating unparalleled achievements. Consequently, a person’s efforts yield results greater than anticipated, and their genuine dreams manifest sooner rather than later.

We assist our clients in selecting specific Rudraksha combinations based on their birth charts, studying planetary positions, transits, and Mahadashas. Our advisory services extend to our esteemed clientele. Our website offers access to 100% authentic Rudraksha beads at reasonable prices. The Siddha Mala remains one of our most expensive yet best-selling products.

Rudraksha Siddha Mala elevates your vibrations, as it consists of 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha beads, along with a Gaurishankar and a Ganesh Rudraksha.

Question: Thank you, Mr. Khatiwada, for sharing your incredible journey and such valuable information regarding the incredible world of Rudraksha with us. Your story is truly inspiring, and we wish you continued success in all your future endeavours.

Mukunda: Thank you for having me. It has been a pleasure to share my experiences, and I hope they serve as motivation for others to pursue their dreams.

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