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When you see the pre-wedding shoot of an Indian couple, it now highlights the Indian Constitution.

After the prospective bride-to-be attended a city session on the Constitution, the couple came up with the concept.

“We, the people of India, have firmly decided to establish justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity for all of our citizens and to transform our country into an independent socialist secular democratic republic.”

These passages from the Indian Constitution’s Preamble have gained unanticipated attention after a Hyderabad couple used them in their pre-wedding portrait.

The pair, who wished to stay anonymous, had the idea on March 29 after the prospective bride attended a Hyderabad session led by Vinay Kumar, the creator of #ReclaimConstitution.

According to Mr. Kumar, “she immediately got her fiancé involved in a screen-printing project featuring the Preamble.”The Constitution has previously been incorporated into wedding festivities. Mr. Kumar is aware of three such marriages in which the partners included elements related to the constitution into their rituals.

One such bride, Kiran Dave, talked about how she and her husband included the Preamble into their wedding by giving return presents of tote bags with wording printed on them. The 2019 Citizenship Amendment Act protests gave rise to a growing trend of people talking about the Constitution and its Preamble.

Mr. Kumar traced the origins of this trend back to these events and said, “We wanted to remind our guests of the importance of our constitutional values, especially among a generation often disengaged from political discourse.” He discovered important insights into the formation of the country by delving into the Constituent Assembly debates.Judges of the High Court and experts on constitutional law took notice of Mr. Kumar’s series of postcards that featured passages from the Constitution, which were inspired by a resistance movement in Nazi-era Germany.

Following the postcards’ popularity, Mr. Kumar extended his project to include t-shirts and tote bags, which helped spark a burgeoning movement to celebrate and reclaim the fundamental ideas of the Indian Constitution.

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