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When you see this Indian prodigy who started her own company at the age of sixteen and now has a net worth of Rs 100 crore.

The proverb “Age is just a number” is probably familiar to all of us, yet very few people may truly acquire amazing height at a young age and validate the statement.

Pranjali Awasthi is one of the select few who has demonstrated the boundless nature of possibilities.At the age of sixteen, Pranjali Awasthi founded her company, which now has a valuation of Rs 100 crore.With her AI firm, Delv. AI, 16-year-old Pranjali Awasthi from India has gained enormous traction in the IT sector. Pranjali seized the chance presented by artificial intelligence technology with both hands.When Pranjali Awasthi launched her company in January 2022, she was able to raise about Rs 3.7 crore in funding.

The goal of Delv.AI is to make it easier for educators and individuals to locate the vast array of global resources on the Internet as well as particular information. Funding of Rs 3.7 crore has been granted to Pranjali’s startup, Delv.AI, for this business strategy.

The company’s current total assets are close to Rs 100 crore.Ten people are hired by Pranjali at her company, and she is just sixteen years old. Heading her groupIt’s no joke to start a Rs 100 crore firm at the age of sixteen.

Since she was little, Pranjali has had a strong affection for technology. Her love of technology has been greatly influenced by her father, who taught her computer science at a young age. Pranjali began learning computer programming at the age of seven.

Pranjali Awasthi applied to Florida International University for an internship when she was just 13 years old. Pranjali worked on projects involving machine learning there. Pranjali conducted an extensive data study during this time, and as a result, he realized that artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to tackle the difficulties.

Pranjali was inspired to start Delv.AI by her experiences in Florida and the lessons she had learned.

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