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“World Is Now Bigger And Larger Than Five” the Turkish president.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president of Turkey, endorsed India’s bid for permanent membership on the Security Council, stating that the world is not simply limited to the organisation’s five permanent members.
Despite the strained relations caused by Turkey’s backing of Pakistan in the Kashmir dispute, Modi and Erdogan met for the second time in private on the sidelines of the G20 summit in the previous two years. Erdogan was the final person he spoke with before the SCO summit in Samarkand in
A nation like India becoming a permanent member of the UN Security Council would make us happy. As you are all aware, the world is far broader than five,” Erdogan told a news organisation. “And when we say that the world is bigger than five, we mean that it includes more than simply
China, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. He said more countries should be included in the Security Council than just these five.

Erdogan nevertheless also urged all members to serve on a rotating basis. The UNSC currently has 15 members: 10 rotated members and 5 permanent members. All of them becoming permanent members is what we advocate. By rotating membership, all countries should have the
chance to join the UN body. 195 nations currently make up the UN. Therefore, we suggest a rotating system whereby any of the 195 member countries might potentially join the UN Security Council. We suggest this,” he stated.

The thoughts of the five members should not represent the voices of the entire globe. All 195 nations should be allowed to join the Security Council without distinction between permanent and non-permanent members. The Turkish President went on to say, “Only then would everyone on Earth be satisfied. Both leaders pledged to keep in touch frequently after their most recent meeting in Samarkand, not just to discuss bilateral concerns but also for the benefit of the region. Turkiye vigorously supported Pakistan’s case in the UN when India revoked the former state of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status in 2019. Even though it was one of the nations that opted out of the G20 summit in Kashmir while India was hosting it, it now appears to have toned down the rhetoric.
According to Indian authorities, bilateral cooperation on commerce and investment, defence and security, civil aviation, and shipping were all topics of discussion. Erdogan praised India for providing quick assistance following the earthquake in Turkey in February 2023.

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