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World Social Media Day is today. Did you know that the typical person uses social media for 144 minutes every day?

Every year on June 30, Social Media Day is celebrated. Social media has recently developed into a crucial tool for communicating with people around the globe. It provides work as well as connecting individuals all over the world. Since each platform has a unique method for information sharing and content monetization, it is customary for organisations to employ many social media managers.

The first World Social Media Day was celebrated on June 30, 2010, by Mashable to acknowledge the significance of social media and its use in global communication. It has made it possible for us to instantly connect with our friends and relatives.

Considering social media has become a place to do business, its potential is much greater. There are many social media influencers on the market that only depend on brand partnerships for their livelihood. By sharing content among their fans, they generate income.

Because of this, Mashable decided to create a day to celebrate social media. Mashable is a well-known global entertainment and multi-media company that takes pride in itself on integrating social media in daily operations. It also presents the Mashable Awards, which honour the top online communities and services.

The purpose of Social Media Day is to raise awareness of the significance of social media platforms and how they impact our daily lives. Brands use it to target a certain audience by advertising their products on these media.

As a consumer’s social media activities are a gateway to their online behaviour, social media is a vital tool to investigate and acquire insight into consumer habits. It enhances understanding and communication with others.

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