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A Meeting Of Injections And The Pain Of Earth

The story of the new age is to learn about life, and that’s how she learns her character. She not only learns about life but also gathers its experiences. It is a separation from the merging of self and experience.

Let’s say you sew a new robe with an unbroken thread. It is a defense. The extraction is not as easy as extracting butter and whey from curd. Because, she is a person who values her experiences. Blazing with heat like the globe of the sun. Meanwhile, the frenzied scent of the day’s coloured drizzle fills her with something.

Based on my experience, there are lives on Earth that become more and more of a trap as you try to collect them.

She looked pitifully at the electric lamp on the table, which was beating down the lantern, which was already burning by the time she had written this. One of them looked at her (him) with narrowed eyes, ready to burst. This is the request that will be made tomorrow.

To take Electrovaxin and Petrovaxin… While waiting for their turn, her (his) heart rate began to steadily rise after submitting the application.

It is not because of your doubts that she or he calls out to your friends. She/he is the representative of some human being from some time later, i.e., you or me in 2100. Some bare truths that will be encountered in this timeless patch of time can be wrapped in the silk of romance and made into a baby story.

Electrical vaccination is called electrovaccine. It’s an injection invented by man himself to prevent heart attacks and deaths in the midst of skyrocketing electricity bills. The vaccine is known as Petrovaccine.It is a fire extinguisher invented to put out the mind-boggling fire in the scorching price of petrol.

Common people with one or two vehicles have to wait for their turn to get Electrovax and Petrovax. Or fill the backyard with cars to get the vaccination as soon as possible.

The cooking gas injection, called the C.G. vaccine, is the most deplorable. It is mainly for women, but men can also get it if they pay twice as much. All the rich people are taking from all the adults in the house. The condition of someone below the poverty line is like a piece of trash thrown into the sewer.

The world is overflowing with hypocrites who try to write about another life of a pawn who replaces his life with the queen of the square.

Some people do not prepare their honest experiences but instead collect them as children of letters through writing. Another group is those who fall into the stream of eternal life and splash both their hands and feet, draw a lot of water into their stomachs through their nose and mouth, and swim to the other side.

Humanity does not learn no matter how much it sees or does. Again, Artimooth is busy testing new vaccines.

They are in the workshop to build samadhi in the fields, drain the river and wells, and put hunger and thirst on fire to build huge buildings.

They are working day and night, giving up food and sleep, for the invention of an injectable vaccine that will remove hunger and thirst from the body at its very birth. Another vaccine that competes with advanced vaccines like electro, petro, C.G.vaccines. Some people are looking for it.

The poor earth girl saw all this, was devastated, and was about to commit suicide.

She thought of the time when she took the sun’s hand and became newly wed with the Milky Way’s blessings. The sun, dressed in green cloth, drains the waves of water with a kiss of love. He used to dance madly as his love rained down on her. She gave birth to thousands of streamlings as tokens of happiness.

Various forms of life pulsated and came to join them as they played and laughed. There was no shortage of happiness and peace then. Finally, the name “human” was given to the life pulse that was born in her womb, capable of laughing and thinking. She never thought that what she did would lead to her death. And those who sold his body inch by inch will make her cry.

Even tears did not come from her eyes.

Even the protective shield (ozone layer) provided by the sun to protect her from the heat and evil rays was torn apart by the passion of her children.

She only looked at her, driven mad by her own children. No, don’t be late.

I must be gone if these children’s depravities are to end. There must be no mercy in me…

She made a decision…

Suicide… Commit suicide…

She almost blew herself up to put a complete stop to the profusion of capsules and injections, and the poor creatures who knew nothing, and the horseradish men…

The next day, the sad news came in the obituary column of the Milky Way newspaper—that Sun’s wife had committed suicide because of the cruelty of her own children…


Sindhu Gatha

Sindhu who has taken up a pen name ‘Gatha” for herself, writes for online and offline Indian publications. Sindhu is an executive member of Artist Club International. She represents Bengaluru zone as an executive member for Creative Women. She dons multiple hats as, chief editor of Kids magazine Champaykka and a member of the editorial panel of KAMA. Sindhu is the Editor of Kavyakalika and Editor of Sargam e-magazine. She is also one of the editors of Sarggajalakam by United Writers, Bangalore. She is a member of editorial panel of Srishti printed magazine. She has been awarded the first prize of Suma Mohan Memorial poem writing competition, Kollengode Ashrayam College organized general writing and Mundur Krishnankutty Memorial Story Award for the year 2021 instituted by Vyaparakeralam.

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  • I just finished reading your blog and I have to say, it was an undivided pleasure. Your writing style is engaging and descriptive, making me feel like I was right there with you on your adventures. The picture you included were also incredible and really added to the overall experience. good-luck


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