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In My Dreams

I have drawn happiness in my dream on the wings of a dragonfly,

Illness said after waking up, does it suit everyone?

It is prohibited to wish to get wet everyday even if it burns inside.

How is the mind of dolls dancing? For no reason!!

Got a house in my dream with affection,

The storm has made several homeless, yet the mind of a vagabond is lamenting.

Our lonely heart has learnt to live by holding the hands of lies.

Home, family, affection– in these words hide a soft call of Golden cage 

I have sung a tune in my dream, named it “Love.”

Let’s see where I can find magical rhyming words which fits in my tune of love

Tired mind is without words today.

Clouds in the dreams are without sky due to the burden of mistakes. 


Sarmistha Dey

Sarmistha Dey is an Indian Diaspora staff reporter at WFY, Bahrain bureau. She is an experienced HR and media professional. She is a poet as well as a singer.

One thought on “In My Dreams

  • Venkatesh kulkarni

    Wooow ..Your work really inspires and i appreciate your uniqueness.It is what adds true value to your work .


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