Amid rumours of his show shutting down, Kapil Sharma Announces US-Canada Tour 2022

Kapil Sharma took to Instagram to share the news of his international tour with his fans

With the pandemic restrictions finally easing up and travelling and fun opening up, a host of Indian stars have announced their world tours. Famous stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma too has gone that route and announced his US-Canada tour 2022.

This announcement comes in the wake of rumours that his show is shutting down – albeit temporarily. ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ had gone off air when Kapil decided to take a break to welcome his daughter Amayra into this world, and again, when son Trishaan was born. Kapil took a paternity break because he needed to “be there at home with his wife to welcome their second baby”.

Now, the show is poised to go off air because Kapil has a month-long tour and won’t be available to shoot for the show.

The 41-year-old Kapil will kick off his world tour on June 11 – he will be performing live in seven cities in the US and two cities in Canada. The tour will start from New Jersey and will conclude in Los Angeles. Kapil put up city-specific dates on his Instagram handle with the caption, “Really happy to announce my US-Canada Tour 2022, See you all soon.”

Kapil had recently released his first comedy special titled ‘I’m Not Done Yet’ on Netflix in which he spoke about his rise to fame, downfall and comeback. He mentioned battling depression and more in the hour-long show. Currently,

Kapil is shooting in Odisha, India, for his upcoming movie with actor-director Nandita Das. Kapil plays a food-delivery guy in the film slated to release in 2023.

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