An Indian-origin US-born actor to make her debut this year.

Rumana Molla, an Indian origin, US-born Belgian actor will make her directorial debut with the Belgium-set Indian immigrant drama “Minimum”, which will commence principal photography in June. The film will follow newly-wed immigrant Fauzia, whose mother-in-law Ruxana keeps her captive. She finds out that everything she had been told about her husband Ali was a lie and loses hope until a French tutor, Lurie, is hired to teach her the basics. A friendship is forged, secrets are revealed and Fauzia learns to demand more than the bare minimum.

Rumana was selected for the Berlinale talent program earlier this year and the film also features the talents of the previous program participants Bora, cinematographer Pooja Gupte, and Serbian line producer Marija Stojnic. Molla said to a source, “I’ve always felt inclined towards that stood the test of time. The inspiration for ‘Minimum’ came from my observations. I have seen a lot of transactional marriages of different kinds. Especially abroad, there are a lot of people who get married but don’t reveal the entire truth about themselves. But more than that, the uniqueness of the film will lie in its treatment of such situations – exploring our cultural differences with warmth, affection, and humor.”

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