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Astonishing now : Meet The Indian Couple Who Owns The Most Expensive House In The World.

Pankaj and Radhika Oswal, an Indian-origin billionaire couple have recently purchased one of the top 10 World’s most expensive and ultra-luxurious homes for a staggering $200 million (around 1,649 crores).

An Indian-origin millionaire couple, Pankaj and Radhika Oswal, recently paid an astounding $200 million (about 1,649 crores) for one of the top 10 most costly and ultra-luxurious mansions in the world.

Most people have the desire to own a large home or opulent villa, similar to those seen in movies, but not everyone manages to realize their goal. However, there is an Indian family that truly owns a dream home that exudes elegance and opulence that sets it apart from every other home on the globe, meaning they are living the life of a millionaire.

We are speaking of Pankaj and Radhika Oswal, a rich couple of Indian descent living in Switzerland, who just bought one of the top ten most costly and ultra-luxurious residences in the world, costing an incredible $200 million (around 1,649 crores).

The renowned Interior designer Jeffrey Wilkes, who has previously developed the storied Oberoi Rajvilas, Oberoi Udaivilas, and Leela Hotels, created the Swiss home known as the “Villa Vari.”

The Oswals extensively rebuilt the Swiss mansion, which was once held by Christina Onassis, a Greek socialite, businesswoman, and heiress to the Onassis wealth. The rich furnishings and artifacts were brought in from all over the world.

Overlooking the snow-covered summits of Mount Blanc, this 40,000-square-meter work of art exudes grandeur and elegance. Currently the largest property in the Canton of Vaud, Villa Vari is located in the Swiss village of Gingins, about 15 minutes away from the lakeside metropolis of Gen Eva.

Among the businesses under their multibillion-dollar global conglomerate “Oswal Group Global” are “PRO Industries PTE LTD,” which also manages the largest ethanol plant in East Africa; “Axis Minerals,” which oversees one of the biggest bauxite mining projects in West Africa; and “Burrup Fertilizers,” which is the largest producer of liquid ammonia worldwide.

The family’s goals went beyond growing their company to include renovating “Villa Vari” and making it into an exquisite house that perfectly captures the essence of Indian heritage while fusing it with a contemporary edge and sense of style.

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