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Building personal brand worth of individuals: Sahil Sachdeva’s PR firm

This Indian origin entrepreneur has made it big in the US, UK and Canada

The value of positive press, public relations, advertising and marketing is on an all-time high these days. Digital media and access to 24*7 information of all kinds on social media has made brand image of paramount importance to any business. It was this digital truth that captivated Sahil Sachdeva, CEO of Level Up PR™ LLC, who offers a holistic suite of services for anyone who wants a great online brand presence and value.

Sahil is a sassy 25-year-old mechanical engineer with several technological innovations, including a NASA-sponsored competition in which he and his team, the Incassable CGCians, built and launched a satellite in Texas, USA, under his belt. He has been a society leader for the American Chemical Society, and the Society of Automotive Engineers. A chess expert at school, Sahil has also dabbled in acting, singing, modelling and is an entrepreneur.

Sahil was conferred the Indian Achievers’ Award in 2021, and about his PR firm, Sahil has this to say: “I recognized the market I wanted to explore. I wanted to help build personal brand of individuals, and help them lead their company’s concept.” The firm has a presence in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada and has worked with over 1000 clients. Artistes, high-profile entrepreneurs, celebrities – all have been honed by Sahil, who says his success mantra is “a healthy lifestyle, spirituality, and a continued pursuit of his objectives.”

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