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The Indian diaspora’s unwavering solidarity with PM Modi as he set foot on his Europe tour.

Prime Minister Modi’s Europe travel to meet leaders of France, Germany, Norway, Finland, and Denmark had a lot on his agenda at the same time he made it a point to meet the Indians in all these countries.

The Indian diaspora’s unwavering solidarity with the Indian Prime Minister as he set foot in Europe comes at a time when India has boldly resisted Western pressure to not buy Russian oil and condemn Russia for the war in Ukraine.

In Germany, PM Modi was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of Indians celebrating their roots in traditional Indian clothes. Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate lighting up with the colors of India’s cultural diversity depicts a kind of emotion that PM Modi inspires effortlessly in his Europe tours. At Madison Square Gardens in Newyork, Modi’s rockstar image with a global appeal was sealed. At the same time Houston, Texas was even a bigger hit with thousands of Indians and dozens of American politicians including former President Donald Trump showing up at the event. For the Indian diaspora, moments like these have highlighted their impeccable role in the host countries not just as model immigrants but also as a widely respected, powerful, and influential community.

In Demark too, the PM had a special mention of the role of Indians as a force of good that has contributed to the growth of host countries. The Indian diaspora wants to be part of the Indian growth story, and the Prime Minister knows how to take them along in his journey. From the US to the UAE, PM Modi has inspired numerous successful Indians abroad to believe in India, and invest in its growth story.

Prime Minister Modi’s diplomatic strategy to draw on the strength and zeal of the Indian diaspora while in a foreign nation has much more than a political gain. His bond with the Indian diaspora and a focus on warmly conducting public diplomacy in the host country reaps great gains for India’s global standing. Banking on such strategic levers comes at a negligible cost but adds significant charm to India’s diplomatic heft. This is further boosted by the brimming enthusiasm of the Indian diaspora. The Indian Prime Minister has no dearth of fans among Indians abroad. 

A fastest growing democratic country India’s successful journey under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi makes India all the more irresistible to work with and invest in, not just financially but also strategically and diplomatically. A leader often associated with the words ‘change’ and ‘reform’, represents the fastest-growing large economy in the world, heads are bound to turn the astute ones and would not reject an opportunity to be part of this growth journey.

Vinod Nair

V VInod Nair. Film Critic, Writer, Designer, Blogger, photographer Former Visualiser with Indian Express Newspapers Ltd, former Special Info-Graphic Designer with The Times of India. Contributor, film critic The TImes of India. Freelance journalist.

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