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Australia calling! More Indians prefer Australia over US for residency

Australia has emerged as the favourite destination for Indians to stay. Several Indians on work-based visas in the US, prefer countries with friendlier immigration route. Countries such as Australia or Canada top their priority list.

So, why Australia is fast emerging as a popular destination for Indians to get residency?

According to Nirbhay Handa, owner of Henley & Partners, a citizenship planning firm, Australia is gradually emerging as a hub of tech talent.

An increasing number of Indians are drawn towards Australia’s prosperity, safety, and exceptional quality of life.

These factors have made Australia as highly sought-after location.

One can acquire residence in nine to twelve months in that country.

Ananta Kumar, an NRI based in the US, said he wanted to tide over immigration hassles in the country. The very thought prompted him to chose for immigration in Australia.

 The immigration hassles in the US prompted another NRI, Shweta Sahani, to apply for Australian immigration.

Few of her friends, who were facing green card backlog, also decided to apply for Australian permanent residency.

According to her, the decision seemed a tough one initially as she had well acclamatised in the US.

Shweta said she had visited Australia in the past and also impressed with the quality of life.

Many Indians, like Shweta and Kumar, have secured an Australian residency.

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