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Does silence speak?

Not much that I asked for -to converse with you almost in silence
that is really enough.
Oh it was just a cloud – how can I ask for rain right away, it won’t happen,
if you don’t understand the value of the silence between the cloud and the rain,
if you don’t realize the relative importance of this waiting,
you can’t get anything like that in life.

Spring will not come again even if you longed to listen to
cuckoo ‘s call
you need to pass a whole winter for it;
Is there any hidden purpose or secret in crossing it?
Nothing enjoyable?
Is it just a pain?
It must be remembered that flowers bloom even in winters- Jasmine also has a secret
one has to penetrate the fog and discover the joy;
It is normal to feel a little constricted by the cold;
but the shivering cannot stop me from finding the secret of jasmine.

Arrangements have to be made to light the fire to welcome the spring.
When there is no hope, patience -longing become lame -paralyzed,
when there is no value for silence, the possibility of false words prevails ,
there must be a gap before proper creation
a time lapse is necessary, there is a more or less eternal range of pursuit of silence before an omnipresent creation – I am well within that range now..

-By Sarmistha Dey

Sarmistha Dey

Sarmistha Dey is an Indian Diaspora staff reporter at WFY, Bahrain bureau. She is an experienced HR and media professional. She is a poet as well as a singer.

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