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A tiny droplet of mist
on a green leaf
Hope and despair of a dream
The lost alphabets of childhood
Wanderers of the sky,
Clouds climb a hill of east
Inscribes a message
For those who left halfway
To a summit heartbroken
Lakes still in deep thoughts
Rivulets and streams stop a while
Take turns to shape a pebble
A hamlet in despair
Flags and battles anoint earth
In red blood
Messengers of innocence,
Children flee from their once safe homelands
Rain perhaps a dream in furnaces of Thar
Wind plays rock and raps
Aletheia in cross roads in search of truth
Tired yet forges a pact with forests and seasons

What hides beneath a word?,
A raindrop, a river, storm or an ocean
Or a dividing wall?
It is destiny
Unable to write it down
It hurts not one, but many
Feathers weigh down scales,
Mirrors reflect not full truth
Smile, one herb to cover a pain
For ages a perfect concealer,
Not fully, that is the truth!
Fossils of eras find not a teardrop
Dried beneath the eyes of a sea
It burns in brine not of pain
Forgotten fragrances of calamus
Cyperus, myrrh, balsam…
Curtains roll down from cuneiforms
To a mantle of fast tracks
In which speed a wave crashes on shore
Entrap heartbeats
In each footstep, an earth cries
For freedom,
Sun sets in ocean
For an east dawn to rise again
In sacred sanctums
Conquerors and fugitives
Set ablaze peace..
For a while mob roars
For whom, for what, do not know..

For ages, our memory is short on good,
Do we remember setbacks more?
Unable to define,
Like the magic cube of Hermann
Trials and errors fill the frames
Days fall, life on earth too
How long it takes to heal
The inner hidden wounds,
Do not know….
Some days it bursts open
Forgetting the voice of the mind
To hold back..
Heart such a delicate crystal
Slips and breaks as splinters..
Winter builds a bridge of mist
To cross over a fate
Of summer fire and rains
Step by step it is a journey
With no itinerary
Like of the planets of the sky
Selfless, a voyage of hope

Fire of earth an orange lea
To cleanse the surface
For roots to grow
In tender ray of dawn
A mild touch
To cover artfully the broken words
Winter spreads arctic mist
On dreams and rhymes
Amidst of gaffes and chaos
Singers find a lost note, a last leaf
Of carnivals and hope
To bring down rain from clouds
To ignite a lamp in raag deepak
Life a dream, a flower in unlocked eyes
Flames in subtle form frame a ray
To see from within..

-By Rema Pisharody

Rema Pisharody

Rema Pisharody is a writer from Bangalore. She is an environmentalist and a nature lover. She holds a Masters in Sociology and is a former employee of BPL Corporate Office, Bangalore. Poetry for her is soul search, to find the innermost being. She is one of the prize recipients of the Prestegious Prime India Poetry Contest and Haven International Poetry Contest. She writes on global platforms and now resides in Bangalore. She is on the editorial board of Sarga Women's Magazine and the Vice President of Creative Women.

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